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Should I Have Answered This (Now Closed) Question? [duplicate]

I recently answered Clean list of strings that are included on the own strings, which is now closed as unclear. While I certainly agree that the question is not particularly well written (mostly due ...
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Should we answer questions that do not show any research, any code, or any effort? [duplicate]

I have observed a few times that a question is asked which is fairly easy to solve. But it doesn't show any research effort and there is no code, like in this question. This seems to especially ...
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Why the backlash against poor questions?

Disclaimer: I'm a new user to SO in terms of posting questions and comments, and more generally being interested in the site beyond it being the first hit in Google for my programming question. Sorry ...
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More effective closing / downvoting of junk questions to help with the signal-noise ratio?

Signal vs Noise I find that when a question warrants a close vote, it usually violates a number of rules, sometimes a majority of the rules, and it is hard to decide which is the most appropriate. ...
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Allow users to optionally filter out low-quality questions

Lots of people are talking about this, so time to throw my hat in the ring. Note that this is just my idea and hasn't really been vetted by other Stack Exchange employees (probably some of them will ...
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Thought experiment: What would happen if we didn't have close votes?

After reading "My Love-Hate Relationship with Stack Overflow: Arthur S., Arthur T., and the Soup Nazi" one of our developers wondered what would happen if we didn't have close votes. ...
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Give high-rep users extra weight on close votes

As a person's commitment to the community increases, I think we should make it possible for high-reputation users to fast-track the closure of certain questions. See here for some of my rationale. ...
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Meta-meta: why is meta full of close-warriors?

Every time I see meta questions coming up in the Community Bulletin link on the side of SO, nearly all the questions are "close-warrior" topics (i.e. aimed at removal of content deemed bad to the ...
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Why is there only one way to gain reputation?

As I have progressed with my involvement with Stack Overflow more and more of my effort is spent gardening as opposed to answering questions. Everyone once in a while I'll see something I know the ...
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How do I get my answer unaccepted when I know it isn't correct?

So, I just got through a discussion on the following post: Why does a string lose its value? Ultimately, the original poster selected my answer as 'correct', but I have to assume that it is because ...
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Non-reproducible example in question. Edit or not?

It seems to me that there are a lot of interesting questions with non-reproducible examples (I mostly check the questions under r). In most cases there is a comment saying that the OP should provide ...
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Stance on answering "bad" questions [duplicate]

Just a few minutes ago, I came across (and flagged as off-topic) this question, asked by someone who joined just before posting. The thing is, it got an answer, which made me wonder what the official ...
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Handling Answers Containing "I can't reproduce that"

The question I am referring to: How to “escape” a comma in a PHP argument value so it doesn't separate them into multiple arguments Using the information given by OP, the problem definitely can't be ...
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Don't answer - just vtc [duplicate]

Is there any issue with answering a bad question? I'm a regular user of several SE sites, most of which do not worry too heavily about regulating answers on questions that should be closed. This ...
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Where did my points go?

At 5:44 pm today I left work w/ 102 points, went to the gym, had dinner and just got back on my computer now around 9:35 pm and my points are back down to 79. There's no mention of any down votes or ...

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