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Will the reputation in SO teams be merged to main profile?

Can we earn (or lose) reputation in Stack Overflow teams and will that reputation be added to the main profile? Is the reputation seperate per team? Will our main profile's reputation and privileges ...
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Allow new community users to answer/comment questions using their reputation from other communities (if they have) [duplicate]

Recently I was searching for a youtube live streaming query and landed on the stackexchange's webapps community, saw the question and answers but didn't find a solution. I kept on trying various ...
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What are the ways of using Stack Overflow effectively without distributing reputation across different communities?

I have been contributing to Stack Overflow, DBA, Unix & Linux, and other communities. I thought my contribution across platform will earn me reputation on Stack Overflow as a whole. It seems that ...
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Why am i not receiving bonus points for associating stackoverflow sites? [duplicate]

I have joined in several stackoverflow sites but I am not receiving any association points automatically. I am not sure how to declare this points. Help me out please.
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I just received approx. a bajillion rep because I'm "trusted on other sites"? [duplicate]

I thought it was a bug when I saw that ol' green box with 1600 inside. I've just received 100 rep on all the SE sites that I'm on. Is this a new thing? Is it for real or a bug? It's scared me (a ...
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Does adding a photo make StackExchange/Overflow trust me? [duplicate]

I have been using Stack Overflow as a resource (yes amazing, thanks! etc), and suddenly woke up to the fact I can improve my skills by answering questions where I don't necessarily know the right ...
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+100 trusted reputation on the site which reached the threshold

Today I asked a question and got 2 downvotes. However, I saw an increase of 596 total reputation in the upper bar. That is 6*100 points for "trusted on other sites" minus 4 for the downvotes. So far, ...
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Why if one registers on a new SE site can't one comment even with other SE accounts with good reputation? [duplicate]

There are many StackExchange (SE) sites now. If one finds one more appropriate to find the answer to a question, but find the accepted answer isn't complete or one needs to add a comment to it, why ...
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How to get reputation as a newbie? [duplicate]

I wanted to ask how I could or should get reputation as a newbie. It's my first year in my education to an application developer, so I kinda don't have the "huge" knowledge or problems which I could ...
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Is it a good way for Stack Overflow to split and distribute topics over different websites? [duplicate]

I have used Stack Overflow for two years now and posted questions sporadically, but I found it is always the most prominent and most professional website for technical questions in the area of ...
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How do I know a post is a community wiki post?

Is it only if it is tagged with "community-wiki" tag? Or are there some other indicators?