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Downvote for a questions based on immense research? [duplicate]

Spring Boot really worth ? with the mammoth sized jar creation I guess, I had met actually this criteria,though of late to find it out so. So "Tell us what you found and why it didn’t meet your needs....
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Why is this question marked off-topic [duplicate]

Where can I find the source for "fetch" implementation used in Chromium? It is not asking for recommendation as noted in the closing dialog. It can be asking for help with the external ...
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How can I get my question about data compression in Python reopened? [duplicate]

So I asked what I thought was a pretty basic and straightforward question about how to do something in Python. That led to someone(s) closing my question saying it was a "how do I do this?" ...
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Is question on replacement of library off-topic or not? [duplicate]

Some programming library has been deprecated some time ago. My question is, Asking to replacement of the deprecated library is off-topic? I am not sure this question type is an example of Questions ...
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Why was this post blocked [duplicate]

This post did ask for a recommendation for a library but I gave the context for my question so that it was not asking for opinion but rather for which of the libraries I cited was the right one to use....
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"We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries and more." [duplicate]

My question was closed as "off-topic", I'm trying to understand why. Its message shows: We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. Edit the ...
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Might "is there a package" rather than "what's the best package" questions be OK? [duplicate]

(Reposted and deleted from Meta Stack Exchange) The [r] tag gets a lot of questions of the form "is there a package to do XXX in R?" (for example, this recent question) - possibly because R is a DSL ...
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Where can I ask questions about Internet of Things? [duplicate]

I have an idea about a project which can be classified on under internet of Things. I do not want to post it where it would be shut down. More details There are car tracking systems but they all ...
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Would a question requesting recommendations for easy-to-learn/beginner level languages/frameworks be appropriate? [duplicate]

For example: I have zero experience coding functional GUIs. I would like to know, in general, which languages/frameworks for GUIs have features x,y,z, are relatively easy to learn, etc. In general, ...
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Really off-topic? [duplicate]

I was aware of the off-topic rule before I posted my question and I must say that if it was a recommendation thread, I wouldn't be here because it would mean I had a choice. I thought my question was ...
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Will I catch heck for asking for tutorials or examples? [duplicate]

If you have developed in AngularJS, you might know that there are some features that are somewhat 'sparsely documented' so to speak. I have searched google for about 30 minutes, and i'm not finding ...
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I don't understand why my question was put on hold, and I would have liked answers to my comments on the subject [duplicate]

My question was put on hold because it was deemed opinion-based, but I believe that it isn't opinion-based. I tried to ask for an explanation in a comment, but it was totally ignored. Then, I edited ...
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Why did my question asking for an alternative to some pre-built components get downvoted? [duplicate]

I recently became aware of pre-built Objective-C classes (iRate, Appirator, etc.) that you can copy and paste into your app that will enable it to display a "please rate this app" dialogue box. As a ...
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Am I allowed to ask a reference-request question? [duplicate]

I would like to find a good source for learning web scrapping with R so that I can get data from Google Flights. On other site such as math.stackexchange, there is a reference - request tag; however, ...
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Is this question acceptable? [duplicate]

A littlie over a month ago, I saw this question in the C tag. As the question explicitly asks for off-site resources, I flagged it with the reason "Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, ...
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