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Why are there "beginner" and "advanced" English sites on the SE network, but not for programming? [duplicate]

There are two English language sites in the SE network: English Language Learners English Language & Usage These are two different sites with different foci. I'm afraid I am not familiar with ...
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They don't even know where to start [duplicate]

I have new found privileges on Stack Overflow and review many first-time questions. Many questions are what the community would call low-quality. Common type of questions are: "I want to create ...
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Create a New Stack Overflow Instance for Beginner Users and Content [duplicate]

Not sure if this has been discussed yet, I searched around but couldn't find any result so I'm just asking. Would it help to split stackoverflow into two programming questions websites? One would ...
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C++ beginners and homework [duplicate]

I find too many of the questions, at least in C++, are homework or just very simple. I wish these could be somehow separated from questions that require an expert. How about Stack Overflow ...
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Would it be a terrible idea to split SO up into a tiered platform?

It seem that with the sudden increase in popularity, SO is developing some problems, bad/lazy questions (I'm guilty of this myself, it's hard to get a grasp on the SO atmosphere when you first start), ...
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New abusers asking new abuser questions [duplicate]

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the bad-question apologists, we need somewhere in which new users can ask bad questions without being downvoted for not following the accepted SO rules of good ...
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Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? [closed]

I've been using Stack Overflow for a few years, and initially most questions you asked got a positive reception: happy comments and answers, people that tried to help you out regardless of the ...
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The Stack Overflow I wish to build and participate in is no longer supported

tl;dr: There is no tl;dr. If you don't wish to read the entire thing, then don't worry about it. I was hoping my month off would've cooled me off a bit or at least given me a different perspective ...
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Why the backlash against poor questions?

Disclaimer: I'm a new user to SO in terms of posting questions and comments, and more generally being interested in the site beyond it being the first hit in Google for my programming question. Sorry ...
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Why do I see this annoying Teams banner?

I hit F5 just now and saw this on top of my page: Was it added just now, or is it something weird that happens? How can registered users opt-out (forever) from all future Teams ads, including banners,...
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Do users upvote out of sympathy, and how should that be addressed?

Are people sympathetically upvoting bad questions that have been downvoted? Who in their right mind would upvote such a ridiculously awful question? I tend to see this late at night, and suspect ...
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Thwart publishing duplicate and low quality questions

I had a thought when I was reading over this post and its interesting answers: Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions? specifically this answer. Why do we allow duplicates and low ...
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Let's send new users off to see the Wizard

This post is prompted in part by What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions? where Jon Ericson and others have indicated an intention to develop a question wizard ...
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Is Stack Overflow losing its shine? [duplicate]

Due to insane number of bad questions are being asked every day it's getting increasingly difficult to find good questions that deserve some answers. As a result, good questions are getting buried ...
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Why can't we be more aggressive on low-quality posts?

(I'm making an effort to keep the number of links down here to keep any meta effect to a minimum.) This site is going downhill in terms of post quality. I don't think that is up for debate. My ...
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