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Is it bad to answer "Don't do this, it is bad Android design"? [duplicate]

Example question: Splash Screen in Android using Fragment I am a big fan of Android design, and I design all of my apps perfectly according to the Android design guidelines. The guidelines are that ...
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How to answer a question when the right answer may not be a good idea [duplicate]

I hang out in the haskell tag a lot and there are frequently questions from people learning functional programming for the first time. It is usually pretty obvious who they are, but I like helping ...
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OP asked about problems after using X; the right answer is "use Y instead"; what should I do? [duplicate]

In this question the OP probably uses freopen when the better option would be fopen (or even its C++ counterpart). An answer suggested C++ code that would solve the OP's problem, and it seems good. ...
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If a question makes an erroneous assumption, should we close it or attempt to answer by solving the assumption? [duplicate]

A (now deleted) question was asked a few minutes ago. The question (as I read it) seems to be "I don't understand how language feature X produces effect E, can someone explain?". The problem is that ...
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Is it answering a question if you tell them their premise is wrong? [duplicate]

A question appeared yesterday, language content unimportant. I can sum it up as a simple language-agnostic problem. I am not sure why X happens. I know I should be doing Y, but I wanted to try ...
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The teacher's formula: why can't people on Stack Overflow accept it [duplicate]

So this is a serious question I am asking here, and it is something I have a really hard time wrapping my head around, and it is also the reason I think a vast amount of my questions get negative ...
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Why doesn't Stack Exchange do more to prevent irrelevant answers? [duplicate]

Scenario: ProgrammerX asks: "How to do THIS with THAT tool" Answers are: "Why do it with THAT tool, just use SOMETHING_ELSE" "Oh, really, thanks, I didn't know Java existed! I was writing this ...
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Should I answer to questions that go against best practices? [duplicate]

This question originated from this one on StackOverflow. The OP was asking for something unusual: change the autogeneration tool of Visual Studio to put all the namespaces next to every referenced ...
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What should I do when the OP asks the wrong question? [duplicate]

In many questions, the OP isn't asking the right question to solve their problem. Either they're only trying to address a symptom of the actual problem, or they've misdiagnosed the cause of a symptom ...
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"How do I fix behavior caused by not following best practices"-type questions [duplicate]

I saw this one and it kind of annoyed me: Disable warning messages in GCC through header files? Any C programmer knows that you really should be using fgets() instead of gets() due to the bounds ...
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Is it right to ask WHY a user has headed in a direction? [duplicate]

I find it frustrating when I ask a question (and I see this on plenty of other questions) and offer a simplified example, only for someone to then ask Why do you want to do it that way? Very often ...
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Can I ask a clear question about how to do something stupid? [duplicate]

This meta question is inspired from this community response. In this particular example, I may have asked how to do something stated very clearly what I was trying to accomplish. Based on feedback I ...
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Answering question at hand vs. Suggesting a better solution [duplicate]

Let us say OP asked a question that only requires syntax correction. Though it works, the approach was not "best practice". Stacker A posted a direct solution to the question and fixed the syntax. ...
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What happens if a user is asking for a bad practice? [duplicate]

I am aware that there are good and bad practices and that the good ones should always be followed, but what happens when a user is asking for something that is not considered a good practice? I have ...
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Is recommending software to replace the code the OP is trying to write actually an answer? [duplicate]

This answer basically says hey, don't bother writing your own C++ code to search for a string in a file. Grep already exists! Oddly enough, it's getting upvotes. Doesn't this fall under the not an ...
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