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What to do with a question that focuses on the wrong problem?

I've seen this question Angular 2/4 how to add multiple headers to http post The user feels like there's something wrong with Angular because it seems he can't add multiple headers to his POST ...
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Answering questions with no "proper" technical solution

I came across a question lately which doesn't seem to have a proper technical solution. Meaning, any answer that i may supply would be defined as a "work-around", and wouldn't have a technical answer ...
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Should I vote to close a question that has no clear answer?

This is not clear to me at all. Here is an example: trying to do something with CSS that can only be done in PHP. I can't tell you how often questions like these pop up, but I feel at a loss ...
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Unclear Questions vs. Wrong Way to Solve a Problem

When a user asks the question to solve a problem of his/her, is it important that the description of the subproblem is unclear or the approach to the problem is right or wrong? (XY Problem) Here, I ...
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How best to edit questions for which the answer turns out to be "not possible...but"

I sometimes ask questions for which the answer is "this is not possible". One common source of these (and I suspect this happens to other question askers as well) is the relative lack of ...
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What should be done, when a question has implications, which lead to a correct, but misleading answer?

General problem Questions can implicate the usage of a tool, which is capable to solve the given problem, however far from adequate for it, because the solution will be too obscure, unstable or ...
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When is a valid answer just to tell someone that they're doing it wrong?

In response to this answer to the question, I took the action of flagging it, as it only provides to tell the OP that what they're doing is wrong, but in no way attempts to provide a useful answer to ...
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Extending "Car with square wheels"

I'm referring to this meta question. Is it fair to say there are two "modes" when these types of questions are asked? The first being a bad path (xy problem or lack of awareness of options, etc.) ...
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A well defined question, but maybe the wrong one

Sometimes there is a well defined question; there's a good answer to it, everyone is happy. But it "smells". The question stands on a weird base or anti-pattern. Maybe the question should be changed ...
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What's with the tolerance for answers and comments that change the OP's spec or use-case?

This may sound general but it isn't. I frequently find respondents who second-guess the OP or even worse assert that the best/better/correct method lies outside the spec posted by the OP. Here's a ...
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How to tackle a "not even wrong" question? [duplicate]

I sometimes see questions that cannot be answered reasonably, because the author's assumptions are wrong: exhibit 1, exhibit 2. After some discussion in comments, I'd like to vote to close such ...
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