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Why do I constantly keep getting downvoted and my questions get closed because they "need debugging details"? [duplicate]

I know there will be some people who will rush to say "Well, obviously your question is unclear" and my answer to them would not be very polite. That is because I have posted 4-5 questions ...
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Not really sure what made my question to be closed automatically [duplicate]

For my recent question, Linux search for a string in a given set of files It was automatically closed with the comment 'don’t allow questions about general computing hardware and software on Stack ...
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What is the purpose behind "On hold" [duplicate]

This is why I am often discouraged from posting on StackOverflow. I have spent the past 3 days trying to solve a problem and I posted on SO and the question was put [on-hold]. I had received a few ...
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Why are Stack Overflow users more passionate about Stack Overflow than helping people?

@Sayse Why is it that Stackoverflow users are more passionate about stackoverflow than helping people? ....... It's a very simple answer. So the above (shortened for meta) comment is what was waiting ...
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Do users upvote out of sympathy, and how should that be addressed?

Are people sympathetically upvoting bad questions that have been downvoted? Who in their right mind would upvote such a ridiculously awful question? I tend to see this late at night, and suspect ...
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Are there legitimate "fix my code" questions?

If a competent coder asks a "spot the bug" question where the answer is non trivial, should it be downvoted? Does it depend on additional factors like the question's appeal to others? Suppose such a ...
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Question Close Reasons project - Introduction and Feedback

A few weeks after I joined Stack Overflow, I was given a project by my manager, Cesar, called “Question Close Reasons.” In short, the project was to create a community-wiki post on Meta Stack Overflow ...
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"I understand, but disagree" for review audits?

Recently in the reopen queue I got the following question: So, this isn't an outstanding question? But, contra the close voters (only one of whom has higher rep than I do, FWIW), while I'm not a PHP ...
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Improving my question about class inheritance in C#

I had a serious issue in C# and wrote a question in a poor way. There's no doubt about this. So I tried to edit my question to make it better, but I'm getting downvoted, the question got closed, and I ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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I've asked a poorly received question, what do I do now?

I've asked a question on Stack Overflow, and it wasn't received well. It got downvoted, closed, and perhaps even deleted. I want to improve this question and get answers to it, but I don't know why ...
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Should users unfamiliar with a topic wait before voting to close? [duplicate]

Before this is marked as a duplicate, hear me out. I've seen this issue a few times for questions tagged google-home or actions-on-google, with this question (screenshot) being the most recent. Many ...
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Please help to undelete my question that was auto-deleted by a bot so I can do something about it

I asked this question at the beginning of 2023: With no comments or replies for a few ...
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How could I have written this question to avoid the immediate downvote and close vote?

Within minutes of posting my question it was downvoted and a vote was cast to close the question. The downvoter has left no feedback to explain their actions so I'm asking here what I could do to ...
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How do I get attention to this Stack Overflow post that has had no views or votes for two days and was put on hold?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Can't add multiple items to shopping cart please suggest ways with php(No Sql)? Can somebody help me or vote me up because it is been 2 days and no ...
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