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Change the question title if the real issue is different [duplicate]

Check this question, for example. The question title is "C program stopped working after use scanf", but the real issue has nothing to do with scanf. Instead, the problem was the consequence of a ...
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is it good to edit the question's title that is unrelated to question? [duplicate]

I read a title and click to read and solve if i could but i find that the actual question is not that and is unrelated to the title, Is it appropriate to edit the title?
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Is it OK to change question title to sort of reflect the answer? [duplicate]

In a question titled How can I update the DOMs asynchronously?, the poster wondered why the browser was blocking, and imagined it had to do with his use of setTimeout or setInterval. After more ...
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Should a post title be modified to fit the problem?

Motivation Post titles are sometimes misleading because they do not summarize the problem well. Good titles should be concise, specifc and summarize the problem. Questions with good titles are more ...
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What to do with a question that focuses on the wrong problem?

I've seen this question Angular 2/4 how to add multiple headers to http post The user feels like there's something wrong with Angular because it seems he can't add multiple headers to his POST ...
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Do we have an epidemic of low-quality titles?

Today I didn't feel like being a proper Loungizen so I decided to actually help out someone in chat. That someone asked the room a question about the relation between pointer arithmetic and array ...
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This question about list shuffling should not be closed as a duplicate

I was searching for questions to answer and I found this one: Shuffling list of dictionnaries always return the same list noticed it is labelled to be duplicate of How to clone or copy a list? I ...
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Editing title of old question with incorrect terminology

I'm looking for a way to throttle JavaScript callbacks with jQuery, and am finding questions like these: How to throttle callback of jQuery event? Throttle event calls in jQuery Those questions are ...
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What should I do when the question is a dupe BUT also can be answered with "what you did wrong"?

I just ran into a situation I'm unclear of how to resolve in the best way: This question: subtract two arrays in Perl - is really 2 questions in one: Stated question (How do I do X) - is a duplicate ...
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Encouraging titles relevant to the actual *problem*

Reading Should I edit titles which have nothing to do with the actual problem? (to which the unequivocal answer is YES) - I can't help but think better titles can be better encouraged. When asking a ...
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Renaming question title to reflect actual problem [duplicate]

I just answered a question that was titled: Cannot build simple golang code. I find the title to be quite broad, and the problem ended up being specifically about slice syntax. Would it be ...
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