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Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

This recent answer posits that due to a hypothetical decline in "interesting" questions, a large number of high-reputation users have been decreasing their activity on the site, especially in the ...
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Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Docs is broken: Writing Docs we actually need [closed]

The current system rewards writing documentation that is already covered by the official docs. Meanwhile, popular libraries without good official docs are undercontributed. The system is broken, and ...
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Problematic PHP Cryptography Advice in Popular Questions

Update 2015-07-22: The specific problems listed below have, for the most part, been remedied. More work remains to be done to clean up other instances of insecure code or bad security advice. If ...
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What exactly is "artificial inflation of reputation", and where is the line?

This is in reference to a chat discussion prompted by this meta post. The backstory here is simple: a high-rep user on Stack Overflow recently decided to start offering bounties on questions with the ...
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Are lengthy, explanatory answers incentivized?

I often hang out in the ecmascript-6 tag where sometimes there's an interesting question I pour lots of time and research into to provide an adequate and lengthy answer. It's really satisfying to me ...
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"Question Badge" suggestion: Philanthropist

So I've decided to start a personal SO version of "The Giving Pledge", i.e. 90% of my rep is going back to the contributors , 2-3K rep is enough for me. Now obviously I'll contribute to the subset of ...
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Make philanthropic bounties a real part of site culture

With the site now well into its seventh year, there is a solid field of users with a lot of reputation points and nothing really to do with them except, well, amassing even more of them. What if we ...
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Award a bounty for a good question

As far as I know you can only award a bounty for an answer. Sometimes I see really good questions - which I promptly vote up - but in addition would like to award them with a bounty for asking such a ...
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33% of questions are ignored by community

I've noticed that a lot of my questions are ignored by community (by ignored I mean have no votes, no answers and only a few views) and decided to look at the situation over all questions asked by all ...
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Can I add bounty to existing answer of question that's not mine?

I don't understand the bounty system 100%. On a 4 year old question, that's not mine, I have found extremely helpful answer that has only 1 upvote (now 2, with mine). However, I somehow want to "...
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Is it right for someone to ask a question for the sole purpose of answering and getting reputation at Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

The question here was asked and answered at the same time, at 6:55. There was even a bounty on it of 500 reputation. What does "list comprehension" mean? How does it work and how can I use ...
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Encouraging bounties

This post was sparked by this question, which encouraged high-rep users to award more bounties. The problem is that many users are quite attached to their reputation, and don't want to give it away. ...
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Why there is no hat for taking back downvotes?

I am seeing a hat for nearly every feature, like editing 5 old questions (Werewolf Hunter), cleaning up comments after post owner edit (It's a me), removing 10 unnecessary comments from 2017 (This is ...
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How about making a new sort of bounty specifically to reward excellent answers and encourage new users? [duplicate]

Right now the only way to give reputation to someone who you think wrote an amazing answer is to award a bounty to the question, wait 24 hours, and then after the waiting period award the bounty. It ...
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