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What is Stack Overflow’s goal?

After reading Sympathetic up-votes, it reminded me a bit of Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? (I'm in group 4) as well. Reflecting on the second question in the post on sympathetic up-votes ...
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More effective closing / downvoting of junk questions to help with the signal-noise ratio?

Signal vs Noise I find that when a question warrants a close vote, it usually violates a number of rules, sometimes a majority of the rules, and it is hard to decide which is the most appropriate. ...
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If your question was not well received, read this before you post your next question

Welcome to Stack Overflow! You are probably reading this because the community "closed" your question and referred you to this post. This post explains what happened to your question, and ...
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Is it wrong to use an upvote to balance out a downvote?

I know I can upvote any post for any reason, but consider this situation: I see a zero score post, and I don't think it needs either an upvote or downvote. Suddenly it gets a downvote, but I think ...
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How should we address the "I assigned you this homework" answer shared on /r/ProgrammerHumor?

This answer is a bad answer of which half the content is irrelevant. The question asks how to insert a string in the middle of another string (and notes that the asker wants to do this numerous times)....
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Provide "Not enough effort" as a new close reason

It's quite clear by now, I am not any longer afraid to ask for it officially; all recent highly visited and discussed posts that the community demands a new close reason. New, because it has never ...
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Drive-By Upvotes?

How in the world does a question like this,, get an upvote? Does Stack Overflow suffer from as many drive-by upvotes as it ...
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Should I consider existing votes when deciding to vote a question or answer up or down [duplicate]

I suspect the short answer to my question is "No". However if I come across an answer (or a question) that is okay but not great and it has been downvoted for no good reason (that I can see), I am ...
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Low quality posts receiving high reputation

This is probably a broad question but I feel it's an important one too. How do we solve the problem of low-quality questions receiving high reputation? I can't seem to wrap my head around how this ...
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What should I do about "pity upvoting"? [duplicate]

I've seen many bad posts that I've downvoted, yet someone else gives it an upvote to return the score to 0 (called "pity upvoting"). Take this question for example. I downvoted it because it didn't ...
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Close or edit questions asking for recommendations

There are many questions which ask for software recommendations; are too broad; or at least opinion based. That said, keep in mind that my knowledge in SQL is very basic. I updated the query, so ...
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Create a New Stack Overflow Instance for Beginner Users and Content [duplicate]

Not sure if this has been discussed yet, I searched around but couldn't find any result so I'm just asking. Would it help to split stackoverflow into two programming questions websites? One would ...
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Should we fork Stack Overflow for beginning programmers? [duplicate]

A similar question was asked around the same basic idea, but the proposed implementation was seemingly disliked: Would it be a terrible idea to split SO up into a tiered platform?. This is also a ...
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Would it be a terrible idea to split SO up into a tiered platform?

It seem that with the sudden increase in popularity, SO is developing some problems, bad/lazy questions (I'm guilty of this myself, it's hard to get a grasp on the SO atmosphere when you first start), ...
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