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How to logout from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I just created my account at Stack Overflow and now I am unable to logout. Where is the link to logout or should I clear my cookies?
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How does one logout from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I cannot find any logout/signout button here. I have tried to remove account, it also cannot be done. Anyone know how to logout?
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Where is the logout button on stack overflow? [duplicate]

Where is the logout button? I can't find it anywhere! I have looked everywhere for a button but to no luck!
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How do you log out of Stack Overflow using the 2017 top bar? [duplicate]

Since the top bar navigation update, I have not been able to find a log out / log off button or link anywhere. I'm certain there used to be one that appeared when moving the mouse pointer over the ...
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How can I log out from my Stack Overflow account? [duplicate]

I just want to log out. I am not sure what else to write here to meet quality requirements. Is it not important for your users to be able to log out? What if they have multiple accounts? Many ...
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Noob looking for log out [duplicate]

Sorry for such a noob question, but where is the log out? I have looked under every menu option. Can not find it in the title bar. Typed in search box looking for results or instructions, not listed ...
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How do you logout of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

This seems embarassing, but I logged in and cannot log out. I've tried clicking my user account, also tried the Stackoverflow button top left. None of those routes have a clear log out option. I ...
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How do you log out of Stack Overflow (September 2014) [duplicate]

How do you log out of Stack Overflow? The log out button under the 'StackExchange' dropdown does not appear to log me out. Nice feature for an expert programmers site. I thought I should put the ...
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How to log out from Stack Overflow (SO) [duplicate]

I literally have no idea on how do I log out from Stack Overflow. Can anyone help me with this? I'm serious, like for real, how the heck do I log off?
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How do I log out of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I want to logout of Stack Overflow, and I want to use a different account. There is no logout button/link. How do I sign out? (I'm not signed in to Google right now either.) Why is there not a logout ...
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How do I log out from StackOverflow? [duplicate]

I tried to recover my password since StackOverflow no longer supports to login with anything but Google and Facebook. As a result, my 240K points are now gone. There is no log out button, so I can't ...
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How to log out from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I searched through the internet to find the way to logout from the site. One thing I found is delete the cookies from the browser. Is there any other way to logout from the site?
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How do I log out of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

This isn't my account. I looked everywhere a traditional website would put the log out button. The profile. The Stack Overflow icon. I checked the help. This is a little meta. It can not be avoided.
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How do I log out of the Stack Overflow site? [duplicate]

Simple enough situation. I can't see or find any log out or logout link or button in any of the pages I've visited.
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How to log out from Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I would like to log in to Stack Overflow with a different account. I don't see the log out functionality anywhere. The recent posts I found about logging out from Stack Overflow 1-2 years ago ...
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