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Why is this heavily downvoted question not yet removed from Meta Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have a heavily down-voted question (Does Stack Overflow support code bidding?). I raised a moderation attention flag, and it was marked as helpful. However, my question is not yet removed from Meta ...
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Why Votes on do not affect reputation of User but that is not the case with [duplicate]

Just observed that Votes on do not affect reputation but User reputation gets affected by upvotes/downvotes on What is the specific reason behind this? ...
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Downvoting on meta posts [duplicate]

After the MSO/MSE split there is no reputation system for this meta. So now there is no negative reputation for downvoting on posts? Previously there was -1 reputation (like on Stack Overflow) for ...
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Can we make this meta site work for mentoring?

In July 2014 Shog9 proposed Stack Overflow Academy on Area 51. I was skeptical and thought it was sort of a joke. The idea that anyone would go to yet another Q&A site in order to ask a question ...
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Is it OK to flag my own question because I want someone to answer it?

My question has a low view count and I want it to be answered by someone. I learned that you can flag your own post so it can be seen by moderators, but in this case I'm not reporting it as spam or to ...
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How does Meta Stack Overflow work?

I've read in the Help Center that… Meta Stack Overflow is the part of the site where users discuss the workings and policies of Stack Overflow rather than discussing programming itself. ...
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Why are votes on Meta so passionate? [closed]

I'm new to Meta. Yet, I could not help notice the passion (can I use that word?) on questions asked here. I saw questions going into flame, getting sometimes -125 or more, some people (no names) ...
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Is it worth having guidelines for highly colloquial and comedic writing styles?

Most readers here are familiar with the famous regular expression answer, and Stack Overflow in my view is a richer place for occasionally allowing such things. However, I have found a user who is ...
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Are we abusing our delete votes on Meta?

Someone posted this rant earlier today: Stack Overflow encourages people not to think So many rules that may work for 90% of the time, but there will always be edge cases where they fail. ...
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Wondering why this question was down-voted so many times, and how I can improve it

Coming from a background of almost a decade of VB.NET and now transitioning to C#, I'm often equally frustrated and delighted by the differences I encounter between the two languages, both in the ...
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How can I start a discussion critiquing the culture of Stack Overflow?

How can one ask a question that is critical of the gamification community on SO with as little offense as possible? Is it even possible?
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Beyond confused about question and answer reception [duplicate]

Until this morning I was using a non-Anaconda Python interpreter on Windows, but after looking into what I was going to have to do to get SciPy up and running, I chose to install Anaconda. When I went ...
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Why are Stack Exchange users being biased to non-English speakers?

I have been seeing a lot of users downvoting questions simply because the original poster is not a native English speaker and the question does not make sense for them. Some people are confused to ...
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What's the policy on creating tags for website names?

What's the policy on creating tags for website names? Existing examples:, I ask because someone just made a tag and a corresponding tag wiki with the information: ...
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Should SO have a prequalification process for membership to weed out the 'noise'?

I see lots and lots of comments about reducing the noise:quality ratio that is strived for on SO. It seems however there is a lot of frustration by more avid and achieved users (moderators, high rep ...
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Am I supposed to delete this meta question or just continue to watch it get downvotes?

This meta question is marked as duplicate and it also contains some interesting comments as well as a voted up answer. I'd like to keep it around as a couple of people went to some degree of trouble ...
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How can I improve my 'too broad' question so it would fit on Stack Overflow (or Programmers)?

A few weeks ago, I asked this question on Programmers. When writing my question, I was somewhat undecided as to whether to post it on Programmers or Stack Overflow. I would suggest that it could ...
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Can a controversial question be considered a "hot question"?

I see the "Hot Meta Post" sidebar, and I notice that they are often high voted questions. I asked in the meta chat but nobody got back to me so: Can a controversial question (many up/downvotes) be ...
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How to deal with mob voting

I see this quite a lot, and feel "some frustration" with the results so I'd like to ask what if anything can be done about it. I am of course fully aware that users are free to vote however ...
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How can Stack Overflow improve rule visibility and user experience?

One of the most common complaints I get from other programmers when speaking of Stack Overflow is that the community seems to be "fanatical" and "puritans" about the Stack Overflow guidelines and ...
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Why the double standard for etiquette?

There are many different aspects that go into a good Stack Overflow question. Tagging correctly, making the question clear, showing effort, making it a non-duplicate, etc. At the same time, there are ...
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Is there any sanction for askers who should know better not accepting an answer? [duplicate]

I've recently decided to take the plunge and start answering a few questions, where I can. I can still remember (cannot we all?) what it is like to be a newbie. Questions are not properly formatted, ...
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Is this improper behavior? -- OP: "I have not verified the solution as I had to give up on what I was doing."

TL;DR: Where to draw the line between users freedom and site guidelines when it comes to taking the time to verify a proposed answer? (given it is the only answer provided, and not long after the ...
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What can we do to keep Stack Overflow sites friendly to newcomers and clean of spam at the same time?

I am a new member to Stack Overflow and have spent close to two weeks here. I have found it a very useful site for solving problems. You get tons of them in the area which you want to improve. ...
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Will serial upvoting / downvoting on Meta Stack Overflow be reversed?

I am well aware of serial upvoting being reversed on the main site, but what about on this meta site? As voting is different and is to express opinions, I feel that there should be a difference, but ...
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Why is this question marked off-topic [duplicate]

Where can I find the source for "fetch" implementation used in Chromium? It is not asking for recommendation as noted in the closing dialog. It can be asking for help with the external ...
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Question about testing is off-topic?

I had this question closed for the reason: This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the help center. I understand the primary reason for closing it was ...
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Notification of flag results

I just flagged a post for some edits that I couldn't do myself and I can't manage to find its status. So I don't really know if a moderator has handled it yet (or if they won't). Do we get notified ...
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Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow {in some language} users should share the reputation [closed]

I created a new account for Stack Overflow en español and wanted to point out a wrong answer in a comment but I didn't have enough reputation for that, even though it's the same Stack Exchange account ...
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Why does this meta question about a specific closed question in the main get downvotes?

The meta question How is this question about general computing hardware and software? is heavily downvoted. Now after a long time using the network I finally find my peace when my post is downvoted, ...
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Bounty should be awarded to accepted answer if it expires failing the criteria

Here is the question that was asked by a user with a bounty of 100 reps. I noticed and answered it in its grace period. The user accepted the answer after the grace period. Since my answer didn't have ...
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Is up- and downvoting for questions being used in a different way to their purpose?

I'm confused about the usage of the voting system. In very short, I understood it from the behaviour of others that like: Bad question (e.g. bad quality, off-topic...)► downvote Helpful question (e.g....
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Refurbishing Downvotes

Some Background My proposal/idea is not really about how downvotes work on a technical level, or about increasing or decreasing the number of downvotes on the site, or about downvote (un)fairness. ...
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Is ambiguity in the current voting system having a chilling effect on learning?

The Good Over at Stack Overflow, I asked a question about implementing an algorithm. The first answer did not address the question, but rather the attempted solution. After finding my own solution, ...
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A better way to deal with bad questions and bad answers [duplicate]

I understand any user should actually read through the guidelines to post a question and answer a question before doing it for the first time, however just for the sake of argument (sometimes really ...
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Do reputation points decide the quality of answers?

Does this reputation really count to the answerers of your question? My reputation points are really low and I tend to ask a lot of questions but unfortunately never got really quality answer. Just ...
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How to connect with somebody? [duplicate]

It seems to be common question (maybe it is duplicate), but I cannot find the answer for it. I have a question that is related to one particular library and I have asked questions about it before, and ...
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Should answers greet? [duplicate]

When we answer a question, should we "greet" the OP? E.G: Cullub, Your question's answer is very simple.... Compared with: To fix this simple problem, you.... See:
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Users that live off of old questions [duplicate]

Let's look at the top question on SO: Why is it faster to process a sorted array than an unsorted array? The top answer was by Mysticial, who's a pretty high-rep user. However, looking at his ...
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Closing of 21728625

I think should not be closed. The motivation is “Questions asking us to recommend or ...
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Can the up and down vote buttons on Meta have the appropriate message attached to them? [duplicate]

There are a number of questions asking about downvoting on Meta and what it means. Folk are frequently concerned about their valid, well thought out questions being downvoted as if they are "not ...
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Where can I post some plugins I wrote [duplicate]

i want to tell the users who are searching for a method to create links based on the root path of their webapp, but i don't know where to post. I read in a comment, that there is a blog page or ...
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Is there a way to view edits that I have already approved?

tl;dr If I (with high permissions) approve an edit (done with low permissions) I would like to see the edit's effect at once even if the original editor needs several approvals to activate their edit. ...
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Is a generic question and self-answer, and instructions to close anything close, acceptable?

I recently came across this question when I came across a question that was closed as a duplicate. The closed question's problem, and solution, are in fact answered in the linked question. However, ...
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Is the number of hats displayed in your profile page always equal to the number of hats earned in your main community?

I have 6 hats on my main community (Stack Overflow), but only 2 in the Drupal community. In my profile on Drupal, I see a number of hats equal to 6. Is that because I have six hats on SO?
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May I reask a downvoted question I've edited that hasn't been reassessed after my edit?

I wrote a question and admittedly messed up. It was downvoted, I modified it immediately, but the user who downvoted it hasn't responded and now I fear the downvote is deterring other people from ...
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Auto-format user link?

We know that question links are "beautified" like so: would be rendered as: How can I ceck the existence of `expect_out(buffer)` (and related)? ...
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Improved font for code?

The font used for code doesn't distnguish well between 1 (one) and l (lowercase L). This has led to a very difficult to fix error. I usually pride myself on catching these "rookie errors", but it ...
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Down-vote or give advice in comments? [duplicate]

The newcomers of this forum certainly do not want to be discouraged by downvotes cast against the early questions/answers in their childhood period. Even with the very elegant, well designed, helpful ...
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What are the criteria for low-quality automatic answer bans on meta sites?

Related: Does the same mechanism for an automatic question ban apply on MSO? Is negative rep on Meta taken into Consideration for a Question ban Downvotes on Meta are confusing: do they *really* ...
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