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May I reask a downvoted question I've edited that hasn't been reassessed after my edit?

I wrote a question and admittedly messed up. It was downvoted, I modified it immediately, but the user who downvoted it hasn't responded and now I fear the downvote is deterring other people from ...
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Auto-format user link?

We know that question links are "beautified" like so: would be rendered as: How can I ceck the existence of `expect_out(buffer)` (and related)? ...
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Improved font for code?

The font used for code doesn't distnguish well between 1 (one) and l (lowercase L). This has led to a very difficult to fix error. I usually pride myself on catching these "rookie errors", but it ...
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Down-vote or give advice in comments? [duplicate]

The newcomers of this forum certainly do not want to be discouraged by downvotes cast against the early questions/answers in their childhood period. Even with the very elegant, well designed, helpful ...
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What are the criteria for low-quality automatic answer bans on meta sites?

Related: Does the same mechanism for an automatic question ban apply on MSO? Is negative rep on Meta taken into Consideration for a Question ban Downvotes on Meta are confusing: do they *really* ...
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Are posters of low-score questions on meta encouraged to delete them?

With reference to one of the discussions on different meaning of votes on meta - the thought in the title of this question came to mind. Simply put - let there be a question, be it a regular or a ...
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Is there a place on Stack Exchange to ask a question about the Google Play Console?

I am having a problem with the Google Play Developer Console (where you upload apps to the Google App Store) and a problem trying to use the Help form to ask about the problem. Can I turn to Stack ...
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