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May I reask a downvoted question I've edited that hasn't been reassessed after my edit?

I wrote a question and admittedly messed up. It was downvoted, I modified it immediately, but the user who downvoted it hasn't responded and now I fear the downvote is deterring other people from ...
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How can I improve my 'too broad' question so it would fit on Stack Overflow (or Programmers)?

A few weeks ago, I asked this question on Programmers. When writing my question, I was somewhat undecided as to whether to post it on Programmers or Stack Overflow. I would suggest that it could ...
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Do reputation points decide the quality of answers?

Does this reputation really count to the answerers of your question? My reputation points are really low and I tend to ask a lot of questions but unfortunately never got really quality answer. Just ...
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Can a controversial question be considered a "hot question"?

I see the "Hot Meta Post" sidebar, and I notice that they are often high voted questions. I asked in the meta chat but nobody got back to me so: Can a controversial question (many up/downvotes) be ...
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Users that live off of old questions [duplicate]

Let's look at the top question on SO: Why is it faster to process a sorted array than an unsorted array? The top answer was by Mysticial, who's a pretty high-rep user. However, looking at his ...
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What's the policy on creating tags for website names?

What's the policy on creating tags for website names? Existing examples:, I ask because someone just made a tag and a corresponding tag wiki with the information: ...
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Can the up and down vote buttons on Meta have the appropriate message attached to them? [duplicate]

There are a number of questions asking about downvoting on Meta and what it means. Folk are frequently concerned about their valid, well thought out questions being downvoted as if they are "not ...
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Down-vote or give advice in comments? [duplicate]

The newcomers of this forum certainly do not want to be discouraged by downvotes cast against the early questions/answers in their childhood period. Even with the very elegant, well designed, helpful ...
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Are posters of low-score questions on meta encouraged to delete them?

With reference to one of the discussions on different meaning of votes on meta - the thought in the title of this question came to mind. Simply put - let there be a question, be it a regular or a ...
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Wondering why this question was down-voted so many times, and how I can improve it

Coming from a background of almost a decade of VB.NET and now transitioning to C#, I'm often equally frustrated and delighted by the differences I encounter between the two languages, both in the ...
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Where can I post some plugins I wrote [duplicate]

i want to tell the users who are searching for a method to create links based on the root path of their webapp, but i don't know where to post. I read in a comment, that there is a blog page or ...
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Refurbishing Downvotes

Some Background My proposal/idea is not really about how downvotes work on a technical level, or about increasing or decreasing the number of downvotes on the site, or about downvote (un)fairness. ...
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Closing of 21728625

I think should not be closed. The motivation is “Questions asking us to recommend or ...
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Should answers greet? [duplicate]

When we answer a question, should we "greet" the OP? E.G: Cullub, Your question's answer is very simple.... Compared with: To fix this simple problem, you.... See:
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Will serial upvoting / downvoting on Meta Stack Overflow be reversed?

I am well aware of serial upvoting being reversed on the main site, but what about on this meta site? As voting is different and is to express opinions, I feel that there should be a difference, but ...

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