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How do I re-ask a question without it being marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

I have this exact question Exclude dependency in a profile with the exception that I'm asking in 2015 instead of 2009. This is a feature that didn't exist then but may exist in new versions of Maven. ...
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Is it OK to ask a duplicated question when the original question doesn't have an appropriate answer? [duplicate]

I ran into this situation from time to time that the question that I wanted to ask has already been posted by someone several years ago. However, there are chances that the old posts may not make me ...
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What to do when your question is already answered... but the answer is very old? [duplicate]

This is exactly the question I wish to ask, but it's five years old and I'm wondering if there's a different answer when using the current version of PHP. What should I do? Edit: And what would a ...
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About duplicate question [duplicate]

Many times it happens that what I want to ask is already present on this site so as per rule I cannot ask the same question again. But what if accepted answer of an existing post doesn't solve my ...
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How to get an answer to an old question [duplicate]

I have a question that is pretty much exactly the same as this 9 year old question: how to have a static index column in slickgrid The answer provided in this thread is not accepted. I also tried it ...
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It's wrong making a new question of an older question looking for updated answers? [duplicate]

I've found several answers to my question, but those answers are old, the lastest post is a question from 2008 and the last answer is from 2012. I suppose there can be a new answer for this question ...
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Should I ask a duplicate question if the existing answer does not solve the issue? [duplicate]

Occasionally I have find soemone has posted exactly the question I want an answer to, but the accepted answer doesn't solve the problem for me. Should I post a duplicate question anyway? For example, ...
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Should I post a duplicate question when the current answers do not resolve my problem? [duplicate]

There are already multiple similar questions with useful and approved answers. These answers helped the OPs. I have tried/checked everything suggested in those answers, but still have the same ...
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Asking a near-duplicate of an unanswered question [duplicate]

I want to ask a question that would start like this: I want to do X but it does not work. Here are links to some other posts that are very similar, but some are unanswered and some give answers ...
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How to handle a duplicate question when the original has an accepted answer that is not really acceptable? [duplicate]

Crystal Reports: including a subreport into a grouping section? Accepted answer says to link data from the main report to the parameter of the subreport. Doesn't work. Nothing is passed, whether I ...
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Duplicate question - I didn't ask the original [duplicate]

Ok so I want to ask a question "how do you do a str_replace on an OFT file". I have had some fines recently which means I'm loathed to post a question which gets marked as a duplicate. I think https://...
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How can I bring an attention to already answered question? [duplicate]

I encountered the same problem as here. Except, the given answer didn't help to solve the problem. How can I encourage someone to help answer with another solution? I thought of re-asking the question,...
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If there is a question, with a number of answers, which doesn't really solves ones person problem, would asking the same question be a duplicate? [duplicate]

The title basically says it all: If there is a question, with a number of answers, and some of which are marked as answered, and where none of which doesn't really solves one persons problem - would ...
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What to do if I have a question, which was allready asked but non of its answers fits my case? [duplicate]

title as it says. Should I in this case anyway ask it again and explain that my case is different in the given paramters? Or is offering a bounty my only option? For the second case my impression ...
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Should I post a question that I'm going to immediately close as a duplicate? [duplicate]

Last week, I finally found something to ask on Stack Overflow! I kept track of my research and knocked out a bare-bones replication of the problem. I typed out the question and pasted it into the Ask ...
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