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Is it fine to mine/index SO? [duplicate]

It's a tentative question, so I hope you'll go easy on me. I don't know much about it, and I just happened to notice this 4th result of my Google search. The link gives a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN ...
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How does Stack Exchange react when licenses are violated? [duplicate]

See for example Clearly this website is using content created by the SO contributors, which are licensed under CC ...
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Found SO question on other site with tons of advertising. Does this violate anything? [duplicate]

I know that other sites (w3cfacility) have explanations about using SOs' SQL dump, and from the way it looks, make a concerted effort not to "profit" from the dump. My question is, is THIS ...
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159 views is scraping and listed above on Google [duplicate]

I'm not sure what can be done about this, but I've noticed lately that is being scraped by and their horrible looking, ad-laden page is the top listing on Googles ...
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Copy of original Stack Exchange post hosted elsewhere [duplicate]

Is there any restriction or policy which guides about copying content from Stack Exchange? I found a site which copied a question asked by me with all of the answers as it is with no reference to ...
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Is this Plagiarism? Should I do something? [duplicate]

I was looking to solve a problem and this SO answer addresses it in a very detailed and peculiar way. By chance I found (what to me seems) the very same answer set in this site. There is no mention ...
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Is affiliated with Stack Overflow? [duplicate] is a French website that uses Google Translate or some other machine translation platform to translate the whole of Stack Overflow. It pollutes search results badly for French users, ...
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How can I take down the scraped Stack Overflow post from a third-party website? [duplicate]

I had deleted a post on Stack Overflow, but unfortunately it has been scraped on two third-party websites. How can I take down the posts from those third-party websites?
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Is newbedev a copy of Stack Overflow questions? [duplicate]

Is it my imagination or is a copy of Stack Overflow questions?
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What is StackOOM? [duplicate]

While googling some error message I came across which seems like just a Chinese ripoff of Stack Overflow: However upon closer inspection of the most-upvoted questions it seems ...
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Who do I contact when I find an external site infringing the content of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I found this site,, which appears to be ripping off the content of Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow page: How to add multiple security groups and group names in cloudformation ...
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5k views uses Stack Overflow content to get traffic and how to block it in search engines

The site keeps showing on my search list every time I'm searching for programming or data science-related questions. It's rated higher than Stack Overflow even though the content is just a ...
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What should we do about answers that post from scraper sites? [duplicate]

I ran across an answer that got their information from a scraper site. I figured it was a scraper site because the answer looked very familiar. Maybe because it's my answer from a different question. ...
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My Question and Answers is Plagiarized [duplicate]

Recent I saw a comment on my answer, it said: "Your answer is Plagiarized". When clicking the link I was shocked, they have been copied questions, answer and tags. Stackoverflow link: how to ...
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How to flag external plagiarism [duplicate]

I have seen the questions and answers relating to plagiarism but they all address answers on SO that have been plagiarized from external sites. But I have not found any information about the reverse, ...
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