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Republishing Questions and Answers on another website [duplicate]

I noticed that a question I asked on this site has been republished on another site. I'm not sure if that's a particular concern for anyone but thought someone might want to know.
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What is ""? [duplicate]

I found that while browsing on my phone and noticed that the formatting was a bit off: the site wasn't a mobile version; it was the desktop site. When I checked the URL, I also noticed that I was on ...
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Stack Overflow rip-off? [duplicate]

I recently stumbled upon another one of those sites that just crawls content from other sites. It seems to be fairly new, doesn't contain any ads (yet) and still contains some "lorem ipsum": Original ...
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Is it OK that a website is mirroring SO without attribution? [duplicate]

There is a website that appears to mirror content from SO, without attribution. (Perhaps to profit from advertising?) Not sure it's OK, so I am bringing it to the group's attention ScalaTest on sbt ...
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What's the deal with the site? [duplicate]

I was doing a google search and a result came back with a URL for Navigating to this site shows a site ...
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Website uses Stack Overflow questions without giving reference [duplicate]

I just came across this site which displays Stack Overflow questions together with the best answer. So I was wondering whether it infringes the legal notice of Stack Overflow, as it does not ...
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I think i found a SO copy [duplicate]

I was searching for an answer on SO about something and decided to find help on other website. I found I then immediately realized the questions and answers were the EXACT same ...
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What is this duapp mirror of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

While googling for a question that I saw a few days ago on Stack Overflow, I stumbled upon a copy of the question on this website (Google took me there): What on ...
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Another possible Stack Overflow phishing site? [duplicate]

This kind of looks suspicious: Stack Fullow? ...and while on subject, how and where do you report phishing sites? [EDIT] It seems that the site redirects the login and sign up links to the original ...
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How do you deal with impersonators [duplicate]

So I found the following link on my FaceBook feed: And being an obvious phishing site I wanted to ask if there is a policy for SO (or other SE sites) for reporting such ...
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How can we prevent users from plagiarizing answers using article spinners? [closed]

Artificial intelligence is becoming more, well, intelligent. AI can be used for good, but it can also be used for bad. Take article spinners for example. While article spinners used to produce really ...
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Are we aware of Stackfullow and what can we do to stop it? [duplicate]

Via a search engine I found a result on what seemed to be SO. Clicking the link I was forwarded to, pretending to be SO by title, layout, logo, URL pattern, pretty much in every aspect....
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Is a phishing site? [duplicate]

I just accidentally stumbled on this site from Google. I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to prevent phishing from such a site?
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Do Real Programmers Copy/ Paste Code From Stack Overflow? [closed]

I saw this video on youtube and was wondering if this site has problems with plagiarizing this site's content.
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How to handle blatant ripoffs of SO answers [duplicate]

I asked a question on SO and, after a while, I found a solution, so I answered my own question - so that, in the future, I could still find it. Today, I found this link:

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