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5k views looks exactly the same as Stack Overflow, what is the link between them? [duplicate]

Recently, while searching for some technical stuff using Google, a peculiar link came up with the other search results. I tried to visit the site, but it looks like an exact clone of http://...
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5k views clone of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

On Google search of "sftp webjob azure", I found a link "Newest 'azure' Questions - Stack Overflow - Top Questions", which I've thought to point to Only after I found myself not ...
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Is this site violating the TOS of Stack Overflow and/or Amazon and how to report? [duplicate]

I don't like the idea of someone (Stack Overflow itself can do what it wants) illegally profiting from content that I've written on Stack Overflow for the community. Isn't that what this person is ...
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Stack Overflow questions hijacked by Zescience [duplicate]

I just have written a question on Stack Overflow, which can be found here Desperately doing more research, I found out that my question was copied to another place, which used to be found at http://...
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How do you deal with impersonators [duplicate]

So I found the following link on my FaceBook feed: And being an obvious phishing site I wanted to ask if there is a policy for SO (or other SE sites) for reporting such ...
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Where/how to report Stack Overflow typosquatters / malicious sites? [duplicate]

There's a very sketchy site at stackkoverflow <dot> com (two Ks) which seems to have highly variant behavior based on each visit. I had cleared my browser history and went to type in ...
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What's the deal with the site? [duplicate]

I was doing a google search and a result came back with a URL for Navigating to this site shows a site ...
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I don't know why my account id have appeared on other domain? [duplicate]

When I search my stackoverflow account on google , some other result also display . Look at under link , is it some subdomain of stackoverlow ? If not, can they retrieve my data from stackoverflow...? ...
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4 Fakes Stack Overflow Sites [duplicate]

Info : Searching about a question, I found those phishing sites targeting Stack Overflow. Google returned me this result. Warning ! Don't open that link directly; be prudent use another secure ...
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363 views mirroring Stack Overflow [duplicate] seems to mirror the complete Stack Overflow site, even with the logo. This violates at least the trademark guidance rules. I found it via on page 2 of the search results (...
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Found SO question on other site with tons of advertising. Does this violate anything? [duplicate]

I know that other sites (w3cfacility) have explanations about using SOs' SQL dump, and from the way it looks, make a concerted effort not to "profit" from the dump. My question is, is THIS ...
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Site duplicating Stack Overflow, potential privacy/security issue? [duplicate]

I was doing searching on Google for some work I was doing and came across an odd looking Stack Overflow link. (Added it like this so no one accidentally clicks it)...
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Another Stack Overflow clone, but with a twist [duplicate]

I was looking at the new comments/votes on my Meta question about a similar site, and @Omar commented with yet another site that's blatantly scraping content from Stack Overflow, but with a twist. ...
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What is, and is it a dodgy fake site? [duplicate]

So I found this site Does it have anything to do with the StackExchange company? Or is it a phoney hoaxy type of thing. And if it is, how do they get away with using ...
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Tiku (answers scraped from SO) comes before SO for me [duplicate]

If I run this search. I get these results: Two from Django's Docs, Two from SO, and two from tiku, a site that's scraping SO questions. AFAIK scraping is ok, and they do attribute back. But is this ...
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