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"Explain X to me" questions: How to react?

The question mould is: How does X work? I've read the [Wikipedia article / original paper / documentation / other resource] but I can't make sense of it. Please explain X to me in plain English. ...
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How to deal with questions of the type "I don't understand how this code works"? [duplicate]

Quite often, especially with the tag 'java', I have come across questions that contain a code snippet followed by "How does this code work?" or "What is this code doing?" or sometimes even an implicit ...
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Should a question asking for a piece of code to be explained in detail be flagged? [duplicate]

I found a question today where a user wants the community to explain a piece of code he found and add comments to every single line explaining what that line does. I initially thought these types of ...
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Where should "could someone please explain this code to me" questions go? [duplicate]

I just stumbled upon this question Requesting insight on ruby code where the OP asks whether someone could explain certain pieces of Ruby code to him. My gut feeling tells me that this is off-topic ...
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Can I ask a question regarding meaning of code? [duplicate]

I don't know about C#, but I have sample code for it. Can I post on Stack Overflow regarding what statements of the code does?
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How to flag "explain this textbook algorithm" questions? [duplicate] (<10k link) Note: Question is now deleted, but it was not a "explain this code to me" question, it was "I don't understand this (...
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"How does this code works" questions [duplicate]

Recently I saw a code asking about how does the specific line of code works and there was a discussion that "questions seeking for debugging help aren't allowed here and we are not code-explanation ...
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When should I answer/close "Why doesn't my code work?" questions? [duplicate]

I am a little confused about how to deal with "Why doesn't my code work?" questions. On one hand, they appear to be acceptable under the MVCe rules. On the other hand, I fail to see how they could ...
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Is posting unintellegible code bad? [duplicate]

A while ago, I posted a question about a piece of highly unintellegible code that I found flying around the web, trying to understand how (and why) it works. Judging from the vote balance, people ...
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Narrowing ourselves into irrelevance

I posted the following question on SO today: The question was almost immediately put on hold ...
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Should we flag human-written questions that use code generated by ChatGPT?

To be more specific, I flagged a question recently as it was of the type "ChatGPT generated this but I need some more help fixing this". But I was told by a mod that asking a question about ...
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How to handle "What does this (malicious) obfuscated code do?" questions?

Semi-frequently, we get questions asking for help understanding some obfuscated, and likely malicious, code that they have discovered. These questions are rarely of good quality, but then that's ...
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Can this question be improved to be on-topic?

Regarding In PostgreSQL, why does an interval of '1 month' sometimes count as 30 days and sometimes count as 31 days?: I didn't ask this question, but I found the close reasons confusing. The ...
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Are external URLs explaining a command not allowed?

Some user just posted a question about a Bash command, asking for clarity. The question was quite broad, so I've casted a vote close and commented a link to, with OP's ...
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My question asking how Press & Hold Captcha works is getting close voted. Is Stack Overflow the wrong place to ask how something works?

How do "Press & Hold Captcha work?" has negative votes and is being closed & I cannot see the reason - quality, clarity, duplicate, off-topic, etc.
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