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Adding "lack of effort" as a close vote reason [duplicate]

I frequently come across SO questions that have code snippets just copy/pasted from poor online sites and asking what is the problem with that code and why it doesn't work. The main problem with these ...
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Can/should we flag easily searchable questions? [duplicate]

For example this question. I've seen questions like this quite a lot; questions about the most basic functionality about sql (or any other language for that matter). I would say if you don't ...
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Close reason "Can be trivially googled" needed [duplicate]

I sometimes see questions to which an answer can be trivially found by googling. A glaring example is this question about queues in C++. When I tried to vote to close the question I found that none of ...
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Closing as Too Broad

According this meta posts the best close reason for questions, which only contain a statement that someone should do the work for them, is Too Broad. But since Too Broad means: There are either ...
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Is it acceptable to use "Too broad" as a substitute close reason for zero effort questions? [duplicate]

If a question simply asked "I need an efficient way to detect that the numbers in an integer array appear exactly twice." should it be closed as too broad?
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New close reason: "Code writing request" [duplicate]

With the advent of the Triage queue, is it time to look at this previous suggestion again? Provide "Not enough effort" as a new close reason Since I've started reviewing the Triage queue, ...
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Can I cancel the accepted answer in Stack Overflow?

What if I accepted an answer and I want to change after that? Can I cancel the accepted answer to choose another one?
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Close as dupe when there is no effort shown?

I just came across this question and I was about to lay down the gold dupehammer. However, some lizard man closed it as ""Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?")..." which I ...
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Do we need a close reason for zero-effort questions?

This has been discussed, although I am not sure there is a consensus. But since the introduction of the new close reason, it seems like the closing system is a bit unbalanced, because a generic reason ...
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Can we please have the "Lacks Minimal Understanding" close reason back?

That close reason Yes, I believe it was condescending and somewhat rude. However there is a mass of questions that fall under a crystal clear criteria: They're poorly written. They have formatting ...
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Do users upvote out of sympathy, and how should that be addressed?

Are people sympathetically upvoting bad questions that have been downvoted? Who in their right mind would upvote such a ridiculously awful question? I tend to see this late at night, and suspect ...
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Question that can be solved using basic debugging [duplicate]

More often than never (that would be around several times a day, and about half the questions asked under the android tag), questions can be answered using basic debugging. Reading the stacktrace, ...
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What close reason should I use for give me teh codez? [duplicate]

There's a lot of questions I find myself wanting to close which basically are: I'm trying to do X in code but I (fill in the blank) and so I can't, how can I do this? Where fill in the blank is ...
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