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Discouraging post-and-edit [duplicate]

On a recent SO question of mine, one respondent answered very quickly with an answer that was wrong. I checked the code and found that it did not work, started to comment, and saw that this person had ...
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Placeholder Answers: Will update with answer soon! [duplicate]

I searched around for a previous topic on this issue, but didn't find one. I'm seeing what I believe to be a growing trend among low-rep users who are attempting to answer anything and everything to ...
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Ideal wait time to flag answer as comment [duplicate]

Sometimes when trivial questions are asked, you notice a rush of answers. At the beginning most answers are one line, clearly belonging to the comments section, but if you wait you will see those ...
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Is it bad practice to post a short answer first and then add details afterwards?

I have the habit of posting quick code-only answers to "simple" questions, and then add details / context later... for example on a question that I stumble upon in a review queue, that can ...
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A moderator deleted someone's good post and it's my fault

The question Firefox does not pick up css received this answer: You have some mistakes in your css code that you need to fix. This site is good for validating code:
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Is it acceptable to vote down lazy answers that fix the problem?

If I see an answer like this: Try this ... OP's code copied with some minor fix and no explanation Is it acceptable to vote it down even if it fixes the problem? What is common practice amongst ...
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I downvoted an answer, it was deleted and changed, now I can't un-down-vote

I down-voted an answer to this question. Not the greatest question, sure, but the answer was still way off. The answer was soon after deleted, and I got my 1 rep point back. I logged on later and saw ...
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Proposal for a punishment system for ninja responders

I have observed that there are a lot of ninja responders when a new question was asked by a user. The given answers there are of very poor quality and often very general. The procedure is always the ...
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Is it allowed to use an answer as a temporary additional space for comments? [duplicate]

Today I have stumbled upon this post, which says at the very beginning: I don't got your question really, but a comment is not enough, I need some more space (please don't downvote). The content has ...
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Auto-converting answers to comments is a PITA

I know the answer to a question! I post the answer, intending to flesh it out in the next couple minutes. This is great because it ensures the user gets an answer ASAP, often within a matter of ...
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How to handle critiques made in comments on my answers?

Today, I answered this question. It seemed like a simple issue, and in an effort to get it done quickly, I submitted an answer with the code and added, "This should be what you're looking for" (see ...
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Cannot change vote even though the post has been edited

I know there is a rule on SO where you cannot change your vote after a specific period of time (I forget how long exactly, 5, 10, or 15 mins). However, you can change it if an edit has been made after ...
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Should I be worried about a declined rude/abusive flag because the answer was edited within the grace period?

I have flagged an answer as rude/abusive, because it was really rude at the time I saw it. It was something like You are so stupid, if you can't figure out yourself. The answer was edited during the ...
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Can a moderator flag be considered from the time when it was asked?

Almost a statement on something I read here not long ago on discussion of the Triage queue and the new "help and improvement" queue. But I only recently just submitted a "flag" for "not an answer" on ...
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Duplicating existing answers, aka. "loot stealing"

This is unfortunately a common scenario I noticed. There is some question with no correct answers. One user provides slightly different answer (which happen to be correct) and suddenly within couple ...
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