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Third-party development support: hosted by Stack Overflow [duplicate]

It seems that third-party developer groups are starting to use Stack Overflow as their "official" central point of contact / support. I first saw this with the Google Drive SDK tag, and even ...
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Is Stack Overflow suitable as "user forum" for product support? [duplicate]

I was looking at a question installing WSO2 Governance Registry on Oracle. Basically it's just a long Java Exception stack. Normally I would have voted to close this, as Off Topic. But I like to ...
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LinkedIn directing people to SO? [duplicate] Is this really happening? Can we no longer provide comments to the effect of "Take this up with the support team for XYZ Product." ...
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Any tips on moving support for an open source research project to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

My research lab wants to consider moving support for our project onto Stack Overflow, and I was wondering if anyone had tips to make the transition smoother. I am considering seeding the tag with a ...
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What's the best way to allow Public Q&A for a platform-specific API? A tag on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'm a developer at Agworld which is one of the main digital platforms for the agricultural industry. We have tens of API partners that write to our public API (documentation here). We want to allow ...
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What if I just start using SO for my own opensource API's FAQ? [duplicate]

I just came to think about this hypothetical situation, try to imagine with me. You've just created a new programming API or library. I've got the impression that there's 1 new API and 5 new ...
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Is this up-to-date: "Can I support my product on this site?" [duplicate]

I was wondering if I could support my product on SO. So I went searching and found this link: Types of questions and where to ask: How do I? --...
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Companies using SO as a technical forum [duplicate]

I was just about to suggest closing How to set a form readonly (how to avoid the stay - leave popup), explaining it doesn't it look like a programming issue, and that OP should consult the people at ...
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Is it OK if the documentation of an open source project links to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have to be careful with my wording, because I don't want to openly denounce anybody. In fact I don't have a definite opinion on the issue, but I am interested if there is an official Stack ...
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"IE Web Development Support Moving to Stack Overflow" [duplicate]

It was announced today that: "The Internet Explorer team is excited to announce that web-development support is moving to Stack Overflow." Well, that is exciting. Questions though: A lot of ...
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Proper procedure to take when repo owner is answering questions with requests for the OP to submit a bug report to their repo?

Normally, I would probably flag as not an answer. However, the user in question here has upwards of 40k rep and has a gold badge in the tag that their repo has. I've only checked two questions so far,...
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How can I use Stack Overflow to support our developer community?

We get a lot of requests from project teams about how they can use Stack Overflow to support their developer communities. How can these organizations (and their users) collaborate with Stack Overflow ...
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Is it ever acceptable to seed Stack Overflow with product-related questions (and answers)?

According to Is it acceptable to use Stack Overflow as a Q&A for a specific product? ...we advise against seeding the site with questions about your product. Our community is very sensitive to ...
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Square is using SO as their "tech support forum" - lots of off-topic questions as a result

After reading a suggestion to bring something like this up from here, I've decided to make a question here about how to best approach a problem I've run into with one recently posted question that ...
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More actively discourage third-party product support on Stack Overflow

Here are some pretty tight guidelines for product vendors that outsource their support to Stack Overflow. And vendors are not encouraged to do this too easily. All is well and good. But even for a ...

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