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Are vendor tags ever appropriate? [duplicate]

I noticed today during edit reviews that someone was adding the Telerik tag to many posts. If you read the tag description, the tag appears to be set up as a 'vendor tag' - a tag representing a ...
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Should we burninate the [jetbrains] tag?

The Phase #2 of the burnination process described here, is completed and it has been decided that the tag should NOT be removed from the system (status-declined), but instead renamed to a more ...
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Third-party development support: hosted by Stack Overflow [duplicate]

It seems that third-party developer groups are starting to use Stack Overflow as their "official" central point of contact / support. I first saw this with the Google Drive SDK tag, and even ...
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Is it acceptable to use Stack Overflow as a Q&A for a specific product?

I work for a small software start-up and I love Stack Overflow. Is it acceptable to encourage our customers to post questions on Stack Overflow so we can answer them there and also let the community ...
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Burn the web! [w3c]

I was made aware of the existence of the w3c tag, today. This seems like a meta tag that should probably be burninated, so let's have a look at the criteria: Does it describe the contents of the ...
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Tag Info of [hashicorp] is no more than About Us page of company. Should this be edited?

I have absolutely no idea about "hashicorp" product. Tag Info of hashicorp is no more than About Us page of company. There are 53 questions tagged with it. Should this be edited to explain more about ...
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Someone is retagging a bunch of old embarcadero questions

I just noticed a large number of old C++Builder questions at the top of my list, and on investigating, a user has been going through and deleting the embarcadero tag from all the questions. (...
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Is self-promotional question tagging allowed? If not, how do you handle it?

Not really sure where to bring this up but I was watching the pending-edit queue and noticed a user by an eponymous handle retrospectively tagging some seemingly contrived questions with the following:...
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Is there any way to flag a tag, and is there any action taken for a user who repeatedly copies content from external sites to tag wikis? [duplicate]

Running through edit reviews today, I noticed that one user showed up a number of times, adding text to blank tag wikis. Unfortunately, this user was not authoring the wikis, but instead simply ...
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Get rid of google tag

google tag has no questions, no wiki and no synonyms. Can we get rid of it? google sounds like a much too broad tag and I see no reason for it to exist.
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Why was the datadog tag changed to datadog-api?

Following advice on meta.stackexchange and asking about tag renames here. Recently the Datadog tag was changed to datadog-api with datadog as a synonym. This change incorrectly labels many questions ...
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Rename tag [trading-view] to [tradingview-api] request

Please rename tag trading-view to [tradingview-api]. Because the name of the corresponding company is TradingView (without the space between "Trading" and "View"). It is similar to JavaScript has a ...
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Is the "The Death of Meta Tags" finished?

I have stumbled upon the sap tag, thinking it was quite useless. It seems that the subject of company tags has already been discussed: Let's remove the [jetbrains] tag Is adding company name tags ...
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How to manage tags a companies open source vs 1st party code

I work for a company that has a large amount of open source contributions, as well as a growing API community. Should I try to create a new tag for questions about our open source software (such as ...
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