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"Explain this code to me" disguised as "Explain part of this code to me" [duplicate]

I recently answered a question asking for explanation of part of an algorithm the asker had found somewhere. I then received a dozen comments requesting further clarification. It seems this user is ...
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When is it okay to remove acceptance of an answer? [duplicate]

Recently I posted an answer on this question. After some clarification in the comments, it was ticked as accepted and up voted. After a little while, both the acceptance and the up vote was removed, ...
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How many times can a user increase the input of his question? [duplicate]

I recently answered a question at this link: Extract postcards from a scanned document using opencv? The user asked a quick method to identify postcards in scans. After a first reply, I tuned the ...
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how to deal with OP asking another questions after answering original question [duplicate]

I have faced this problem multiple times and dont know how to deal with it. I did answer a question which was initially asked by OP. Then OP added another question that also was answered. again OP ...
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What to do when a user asks a question and keeps updating with new questions? [duplicate]

Yesterday I put a lot of time helping someone very new to SO and programming in general. It even needed a chat session. Near the end he didn't get how to implement the code I posted and basically ...
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Need advice on question edit that invalidates my answer [duplicate]

Here is the question: Wild Cards * in If Else Statements - Batch Scripting The OP asked one thing, (which was kind of lame to begin with, but never mind,) I answered, then the OP asked me to look at ...
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How would you handle a situation where the OP keeps asking for more? [duplicate]

So this post started off, from what it seems, someone asking for help to plot a histogram. It was odd that they asked to plot it from high to low. Their original code had what seemed to be an attempt ...
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Ask repeatly another question if solved one [duplicate]

I answer to one question the OP will say thanks for answer and ask again another question in comment related to it. OP need some changes So, Make changes and Edit my answer and update to OP for my ...
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How to handle an OP's new issues that appear after answering? [duplicate]

A user asked the question Yii2 validation rule for multiple inputs with same name which I answered. They then commented: Thanks. Your code works fine if these kind of multiple inputs already exist ...
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What to do when an answer is drawn out to a discussion inside the comments? [duplicate]

I started out helping somebody on a question that I first misunderstood. After getting further by asking questions using comments, I have the feeling that this question has kinda run out of control ...
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What can I do if a user removes a question after I've written an extended answer? [duplicate]

Yesterday I was helping a guy (user in4001 ) with a programming question in this site. The question was titled "FBX transformation". I gave him code, answered his comments and extended code mutiple ...
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OP keeps asking more questions based on a single question which was answered already

Recently I had answered this question on Stack Overflow. The OP was satisfied with that answer and has accepted it. After that, on a daily/weekly basis, he/she is asking child questions based on the ...
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Recent changes to close reasons on Stack Overflow

Over the past week, I've made several fairly significant changes to the close reasons and associated documentation on Stack Overflow. I've been monitoring and tweaking those changes, and believe they ...
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"What to do when someone answers" - Don't be a chameleon, don't be a vandal

There are some people who react... poorly... when their question is answered. Some definitions: Chameleon questions are those questions that just keep on changing, to cover more than the problem you ...
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Can I ask the author to clarify/explain their answer?

Let's say I get an answer to a question which solves my problem, but I do not understand why the author chose to do it this way or I don't understand how it works in general. Should I: Figure it out ...
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