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Am I permitted to use Stack Overflow content for my work? I work for a commercial software company and use content from Stack Overflow regularly to assist me in completing projects. The Stack ...
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Should I give credits to Stack Overflow if 30% of my website basecode comes from it? [duplicate]

I'm always looking answer to my problems on Stack Overflow, should I give credits to it?
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How do I properly attribute code copied from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

From my understanding, it's fine to copy Stack Overflow code so long as you fully understand it (so as to not copy vulnerabilities, etc). I am wondering what the proper way to attribute code is if I ...
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Are you allowed to use code from answers and sell your app [duplicate]

If you are stuck when making an app and someone answers your question. Are you allowed to use their code in whole or in part. How does the legalities work? What if you try to contact the poster and ...
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How is ShareAlike interpreted in case of Stack Overflow content? [duplicate]

Background Stack Overflow content is under "CC-BY-SA" license. This means that you can: Commercially use and share the content (no NC is applied to license) You can adapt the content to your needs ...
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What is the proper procedure to citing a Stack Overflow post in my code? [duplicate]

The Question (TL;DR): I'm making a PyQt program both for fun with my friends, and to put on GitHub to show programming experience for employers/recruiters. I wanted to make the text of a couple of ...
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Appropriate use of Stack Overflow responses [duplicate]

What is the appropriate use / attribution / non-use / licensing of responses to questions posted on SO? Is the information provided by the user community (e.g., code examples or solutions to posed ...
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Another Stack Overflow Attribution Question [duplicate]

I've just learned about the fact that all content posted on Stack Overflow is listed under a Creative Commons license. There are many questions out there on ALL the forum platforms about this, but ...
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Copyright status of blog post containing Stack Overflow answers? [duplicate]

I've got an idea for a blog post I want to write which compares different approaches to a problem demonstrated in the answers to a question on the site. For a specific example: there are so many ways ...
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Can we get some explicit clarification on the *intended* legal usage of code from SO answers?

I was recently told by someone that due to the fact that Stack Overflow uses the CC BY-SA 3.0 license any code examples cannot be used in a commercially available closed source application. This ...
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Removing Documentation: Reputation, Archive, and Links [closed]

Update: More details about attribution and the current status of link removal can be found in my answer. Last time I promised we’d release a JSON archive, preserve reputation earned on Documentation, ...
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Stack Overflow licensing and scientific publication

I am currently learning R and ggplot2 to generate a figure for a scientific publication. In the learning process I asked a few questions on how to create specific plots. How can I use the figure form ...
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Can code posted on Stack Overflow be used on closed-source software?

The Stack Overflow site footer says: user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported] with attribution required And one of the terms of CC BY-...
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Problems with Stack Overflow's Creative Commons license agreement

I don't understand how someone else's code, which is probably copyrighted by default (somewhat), can somehow become your property and you put a license on it. something seems just wrong with that. if ...
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Link only answers to sites containing code which cannot be put under the cc by-sa license

I have noticed a few times that people have edited link only answers to include code taken from the linked site. However, anything posted on stack exchange is licensed under the Creative Commons ...
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