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How can we discourage over-downvoting on questions?

Some people go a bit over the top downvoting. It isn't exactly welcoming to new users. My process is this: Is it a good question? Upvote. If not: Spam? Flag. Otherwise: Very obviously bad? Are you ...
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Find out why a post was downvoted? [duplicate]

I just earned about 15 rep points. And then one of my answers was voted down and I lost two points. I think it be nice to know the reason why it was downvoted. Is there a way to find out, or is this ...
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Suggestions to help fix some confusing downvote issues

I wanted to make a dedicated question/post to help aggregate and get some real feedback disseminated about how to attack the issue of out-of-control downvoting (we all know it exists). Here's a short ...
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Add anonymous comments for answer downvotes [duplicate]

Generally I don't have a problem with downvotes, but answer downvotes without explanation are pretty annoying. For example: 1) You post an answer that you spent time working on and that you think is ...
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SO should augment downvotes with specific, actionable, anonymous feedback to authors [duplicate]

This is not a duplicate of the FAQ. Do not flag it as a duplicate of the FAQ. It is a response to and rebuttal of the FAQ. SO should augment downvotes with an optional specific actionable feedback to ...
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Why I get downvotes instead of answers when I ask a question maximum best I can?

I have a problem in expressing 100% clearly what I need to ask. Sometimes it is hard to type the exact question I have. Whe I try my best to put it clear and I really need an answer I get lot of ...
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Add a voting attribute option [duplicate]

I was reading one of the hot meta questions about restricting voting rights here: Restrict up vote rights Based on several discussions in the comments and the answers themselves it seems like the ...
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Award Temporary Badges to users who do a good job

I was thinking that it would be great to be able to give someone badges which express how they did something well. It doesn't have to be permanent, it could just be on for a month. I feel it would ...
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Downvotes for correct answers is offensive

I found an answer, but it is not solving my issue. I agree with the answer' on the above question that nothing will happen even if I get downvoted. But we are here at Stack Overflow to help ...
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Please add a way to prohibit members from downvoting a legitimate question [duplicate]

I think that Stack Overflow needs to implement some method for a system of checks and balances to prevent members from down-voting legitimate questions. This has progressively become more of an issue ...
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