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Screenshots from a Mac with Retina display [duplicate]

Ever since I got my new MacBook Pro, the screen shots I post on Stack Overflow are doubled in size. Here's a sample from this very screen (taken on a Retina screen): Now compare this to the same ...
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Feature to resize images? [duplicate]

I found the screenshots I upload to my questions and answers very big. I know this is because I am using a retina display. The resolution is higher and stuff. For instance, in my latest answer, I ...
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How can I put images side by side in a Stack Overflow question?

I have this question, and down in my question there is two big image. Is it a way to put them / align them side by side, to take less vertical space when visitors reading it? Example
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Why is the default for inserting an image like this [![enter image description here][1]][1] [duplicate]

Whenever you use the button above the edit text area on SO for inserting an image in a post it adds this (as well as a stack.imgur link below) [![enter image description here][1]][1] Why does it ...
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Is there a way of adding some caption or description to an image?

Sometimes I need to upload an image and then add some description about it. I think the post could have more quality if I could put some caption just down the image. Is there some way to do that?
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Why is uploading Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) not supported?

I prefer to add images to my questions or answers - often from different sources. Most of time the offered quality of the images is really bad so I'm tempted to redraw them. I find the svg format ...
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Images are blurry when reducing the size

I followed this Stack Overflow post to reduce my image size via the h, l, m, t, b, s approach and it looked blurry. I then tried <img src="" width="400" /...
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Why does this image sizing specification not work?

From my question on Stack Overflow Main: How to create a "just show me all the data" Tableau report that displays all columns of all records The image is being specified as: [1]: https://...
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What can be done about Article figures that are overly zoomed out in order to fit on a line?

Look for example at the recent article about How to use external status checks for merge requests. Almost all the 12 figures in the article are either zoomed out too much or zoomed in too much. They ...
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Ability to quickly set an image upload to 1:2 or 1:3 scale to handle retina/super retina images

Have a look at UIView w/UITextView that moves with UIScrollView's dismiss interactive If you spend any time working in the iOS tag, and probably the Android tag too, almost every post with device ...
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To indicate "Please, click me larger" by icon on small square pictures

You can resize image size in SE as instructed in the post how-to-reduce-image-size-on-stack-overflow. I often make pictures square small by appending picture urls by s, and preserve second link for ...
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Fix the Apple 144/72 insanity

Problem: obviously and evidently, many images on the site are 2x as large as they should be due to the 144/72 dpi duality problem. Long story short, when you take a screen shot on a Mac, it records ...
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Bug in resized thumbnail imgur image with alpha channel

I recently found out that I can include images with various sizes, and I've been using the feature happily ever since. Today I ran into a situation where the resized (resampled?) versions of a png ...
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Channels image cannot be resized

When posting images on Stack Overflow and other sites in the network, we can choose between the original image and a number of different sizes by adding l or m or s before .png However, on Channels, ...
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How do I size an image on Stack Overflow without the clipping?

In a question of mine I sized an image linked to as suggested by this answer. It works, but the right part of the image is being cut off. It's not a deal-breaker, but the nit-pick I am, I wonder why ...
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