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Is it acceptable to use Stack Overflow as a Q&A for a specific product?

I work for a small software start-up and I love Stack Overflow. Is it acceptable to encourage our customers to post questions on Stack Overflow so we can answer them there and also let the community ...
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A new tag or a new StackExchange site? Advice requested [duplicate]

I'm an active member of a script-programmer community based on an expert application software for (scientific) image analysis. The software is a wide spread industry standard, but the scripting ...
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Why can't I ask customer service-related questions on Stack Overflow?

Why can't I ask customer service-related questions here, like: How do I get my Facebook developer account confirmation code? Will Apple approve my app, and under what conditions? Where can I download ...
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"IE Web Development Support Moving to Stack Overflow" [duplicate]

It was announced today that: "The Internet Explorer team is excited to announce that web-development support is moving to Stack Overflow." Well, that is exciting. Questions though: A lot of ...
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IBM Bluemix - When is a self-answered question considered genuine or cross the border to advertisment?

I just stumbled upon a few questions related to IBM Bluemix, where most of them are posted and answered by the same person. So far, that's fine with the Stack Overflow rules, as answering your own ...
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TicketMaster support sending customers to a "forum" - here

A new user just posted news of a TicketMaster feature release as a question. This clearly isn't a question and isn't a good fit for SO. As such, I tried to point out that SO isn't a traditional ...
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Visual Studio Code encouraging users to ask questions on Stack Overflow

Visual Studio Code are encouraging users to ask questions about the IDE on Stack Overflow. Engage with your peers and ask questions about Visual Studio Code on Stack Overflow using the tag vscode ...
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Reach out to Apigee about outsourcing their support to Stack Overflow

Apigee has some guidance to put questions under the apigee, but they don't state how to ask exactly. I've seen some bad questions being posted in the tag. Using the free Apigee Developer service? The ...
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1k views redirecting to Stack Overflow as "forums"

On the front page of, there is a link marked "Forums". Clicking this link brings you to Stack Overflow, to all questions tagged typescript. This one's a little different than ...
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Clean up the [sony] tag: Is it useful at all, or should we re-tag and clean up?

The sony tag, despite being used on 743 posts, isn't a great one. Besides informing us that there is something related to a brand in the question, it doesn't tell us a whole lot. An earlier issue has ...
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Reach out to GeoIP about outsourcing their developer support to Stack Overflow

As you can see from, GeoIP are outsourcing the support of their free product (which has a paid edition) to Stack Overflow. From Third-party development ...
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Is adding company name tags spam/vandalism?

I noticed this morning (UK time) that I'm being asked to review a large number of edits where a user has added the tag "componentone" to anything that currently has the tag "grapecity" and vice versa. ...
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Why is Sony a good tag when Apple and Google aren't? [duplicate]

google is blacklisted on Stack Overflow. apple's got a big "DO NOT USE THIS TAG" message on the wiki summary (which, of course, is completely ignored by the people who keep adding it to questions...). ...
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Is self-promotional question tagging allowed? If not, how do you handle it?

Not really sure where to bring this up but I was watching the pending-edit queue and noticed a user by an eponymous handle retrospectively tagging some seemingly contrived questions with the following:...
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What can we do with questions where the only response is "contact the vendor"?

Take for instance: WriteFile returning error code 995 The comment discussion diagnosed this question to a likely driver problem with a USB-serial device. Should we wait for the OP to provide a ...
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