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What should I do with a crappy approved edit? [duplicate]

I've just reviewed this edit and I see it was approved. I left a comment there so that other reviewers would see it. The edit is clearly fixing issues with the posted code, which could potentially fix ...
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If someone edits my post, can I rollback the edits if I don't like the edits? [duplicate]

Who gets to decide what the final content of a post is? Can I edit the edits?
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How to deal with suggested edits that get approve but imho violate rule [duplicate]

I was reviewing suggested edit when it got approved. When looking at the post it was very clear to me that edit was invalid because someone other than OP was trying to "improve" the answer. Can ...
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Removing tag from question

I just went through the list of suggested edits that I made and I observed a pattern: almost (if not all) questions that I removed the model-view-controller tag had at least 2 rejects for edit does ...
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Review queues: "I don't agree - could you please check that again"-Button

When reviewing the outcomes of my decisions in the review queues, I sometimes see review results that, from my perspective, are clearly wrong. Especially in the Suggested Edits queue, sometimes very ...
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Rollback an edit that skirts a SO rule?

There's a built-in check when posting a question that contains a link to that the question must also contain code. Sometimes users attempt to skirt the rule by highlighting non-code text ...
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Rollback of edit that was approved

Recently, I answered a question that one particular user thinks is terrible and thus my answer is terrible. He argues that the question was bad, so I edited the title to be more clear with what I ...
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What's the point of rejecting an approved suggested-edit that is likely to be approved?

I recently suggested an edit for an answer which was then approved by two reviewers. The main reason of my suggestion is to improve the answer's formatting. Another reason (if there is) would be that ...
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Rollback button in suggested edits queue

This edit was already approved - please visit the post and correct the edit. Why? Can't I have a rollback button on the page? Preferably putting the edit into a mod queue to consider review-banning ...
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Suggested edit which got wrong approval

This question is very different from this: Rolling Back Approved Edits This edit got approved while I was thinking to Reject it. The user who ...
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