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What do I now do for a previously "too minor" edit?

I have been pointed to this post when I asked what happened to the "too minor" edit reject reason: Disappearance of "too minor" -- where is the relevant discussion? It of course links to: ...
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What is the current position on minor "correct" edits? [duplicate]

I see this question on meta seems to say that any minor edit that actually does improve the quality of the post should be accepted, and during reviewing I no longer see the ability to reject edits for ...
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Retag rejected during review as too minor edit?

Recently I've edited a question that was basically about CSS and site-building. It has the tag logo. Unfortunately, I happened to read the description of the tag, and here it is: Logo is a computer ...
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Do you edit questions in order to provide syntax highlighting?

I tend to answer questions related to specific plugins (see questions related to parsley.js, which is a jQuery plugin). More often than not, the OP simply adds the tag of the plugin. However, if she/...
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Quality Assurance for Edit Approval

Edit Apparently these edits are too small. Then I have more questions: Why does the system allow this? Why was this changed and why are there points given out for these edits, if they are in fact too ...
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When to check "Suggested edit was helpful"?

When reviewing edits, the Improve option presents the reviewer with an editor view that has this checkbox, labeled "suggested edit was helpful" and checked by default. When should this be unchecked? ...
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Edit to add example rejected. How can I improve?

I found a particular Q/A combo to be useful though partially incomplete and wanted to improve the existing answer. Here is the topic in question and my suggested edit. The guidelines presented ...
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Edit hunting and possible reputation farming - how should I react? [duplicate]

Occasionally the suggested edits queue on Stack Overflow gets flooded with edit suggestions by the same user. A few minutes ago there were ~5 suggested edits by the same user who apparently searched ...
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Create "too minor" review audits that consist of adding a bad tag

The Suggested Edits review queue suffers from robo-reviewers. One thing I see regularly is users serially adding one or a few tags to a lot of posts. The current review audit system does not catch ...
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Handling floods of "too minor" suggested edits

I recently encountered a user who went on a spree of suggesting edits, removing the tags from titles while doing nothing else. There were roughly 131 edits over a 4 hour period. Many of them were ...
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How to handle good edits to unsalvageable posts?

Not based on any post or edit in particular. A lot of bad posts have lesser issues that can be corrected with editing, such as grammar, poorly worded titles, poor tagging and lack of code formatting. ...
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What constitutes "Too Minor" when it comes to tag editing? [duplicate]

The last couple of days, I've seen a lot of questions roll through the Suggested Edits queue where the only change made was adding/removing a tag. Most of the times, the suggested edit is adding a tag ...
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Prevent minor and invalid edits better

I'm sick and tired of people repeatedly spamming the edit queue with minor edits. I want to punish the editors and robo-reviewers and prevent some of them from entering the queue in the first place. ...
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Changing all instances of "" to "" in edits

A user (arserbin3) has gone and edited a bunch of posts to replace all "xxx" with "example" — edit comment is along the lines of "remove porn links". Here is one of the edits: https://stackoverflow....
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Change in attribution of question editing by "new" user?

As a relatively new user on SO I still have a lowly station among the more established users, as is evidenced by my measly sub-1,000 rep. Not exactly being a repwhore, I do enjoy my increasing ...
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