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Trivial edits that are not trivial [duplicate]

I recently came a across and answer that was overall a good answer. The only problem was that the answer was missing a newline in-between some text and a code block causing an entire block of code to ...
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Is it OK to systematically edit the questions titles like this?

Should I continue removing tags from titles and reword the questions titles with actual English sentences even if it troubles the OP? I follow mostly Apple-related questions. It includes tags for iOS,...
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Updating dead links in answers: edit or comment?

I came across a few suggested edits which focus on updating dead links. Should these edits be approved or rejected? (With the reason: "This edit was intended to address the author of the post and ...
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Am I rejecting too many edits?

In regards to reviewing in the suggested edit queue, I seem to be rejecting a lot more edits than most people. I have rejected about the same number of edits as I have approved. Is this a problem? I ...
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Suspicious approval of suggested edits

I was recently reading Handling floods of "too minor" suggested edits when I realized I had seen a pattern of such edits by a specific user recently. Admittedly, there are plenty of this user's edits ...
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Provide more guidelines for reviewing edits

Summary: The guidelines for what types of edits should be approved are unclear. Details: The help pages describe the reviewing suggested edits privilege as follows: In addition, users with this ...
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Should I approve an edit that barely improves something [duplicate]

I don't know whether this is a permalink but the edit was to change the case of a proper noun. Technically that's an improvement but jeepers - the guy clicked edit, changed the case and saved, now it'...
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Please don't just approve trivial suggested edits - rather improve the edit per the scope

Editing a question/answer is good, as far as it makes some sense and really improves the post. Reviewing a suggested edit is a responsibility and not just a matter of formality. A single-character ...
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Approve small but correct suggested edits [duplicate]

Should I approve suggested edits that are correct, but minor or even trivial (e.g. single spelling errors)? On the review side it clearly says Approve edits you know are correct But on Help ...
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2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

Candidate Index Election candidates deceze (nomination) Ed Cottrell (nomination) Jeremy Banks (nomination) Jon Clements (nomination) Martijn Pieters (nomination) Matt (nomination) meagar (nomination)...
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Why are small edits discouraged? [duplicate]

I have seen several posts here on Meta that discourage small edits (eg, remove a single superfluous tag, or remove "hello"/"thanks", or fix minor grammar, etc.). The general consensus seems to be that ...
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Is the language in this edit rejection too strong?

I made my first edit today to remove a tag. It was ultimately approved, but I received a rejection vote with the following reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, ...
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Community♦'s rejection reason when I "Reject and Edit" explicitly contradicts established site policy and is worse than no message at all

I rarely use "Reject and Edit" from the Suggested Edits review queue, but just now I did it for the first time in a while and saw that it generated this rejection message: This edit did not correct ...
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Change misleading suggested edit reject message by community user [duplicate]

In this review, the community user rejected a suggested edit with the message: This edit did not correct critical issues with the post - view the revision history to see what should have been ...
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Suggested edit shows changes which are not mine. Why?

I made an edit to a question; the only changes were to capitalisation and punctuation. When I clicked on the queued suggested edit the diff included changes which I had not made. It would appear that ...
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