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Good first question tag [closed]

GitHub has this "good first issue" tag to help mark issues of the type 'Easy for a beginner to fix but not worth my time'. One of the strong complaints of new users is that it is so ...
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The Ask Question Wizard Is Now In Testing!

A long overdue update to our last prototype announcement, our developers are pleased to announce that they've finished the review process and responsive design updates to the Wizard and it is now in ...
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Don't post low-quality questions or answers. Make users fix them instead

Scenario 1: An automatic gatekeeper would detect and intercept all Low Quality questions and answers. Currently, an algorithm detects Low Quality posts and puts them into a review queue. My proposal ...
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“Ask a question” wizard prototype

You're all probably wondering who I am and where Joe is. I'm one of the developers on the Developer Affinity & Growth team with him, and I'm excited to tell you about a prototype that we'd love ...
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What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions?

Update: Our v1 experiment is done. We used a template loosely based on enderland's answer for this experiment. See this post for an overview of the results. Based on your feedback the DAG team is ...
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Proposal for a redesign of the `ask` form [duplicate]

Context This post suggests some changes to the question asking form ( in order to improve question quality. Problems and suggestions We have an extensive ...
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Increasing number of duplicates on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Personally, I enjoy all the variety of topics covered by the Stack Exchange network. I have been more active on Stack Overflow though. Stack Overflow has helped me immensely to improve my knowledge, ...
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Should Stack Overflow be more restrictive about new user registrations?

The largest problem facing the site today is the flood of terrible questions coming in, mostly from new user accounts. I've mentioned this before, but I suspect that some of the worst of this is due ...
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Why was this question deleted?

Recently I saw that a question I had answered had been deleted. Images for users under 10k: I'm wondering why this was. Both the question and my answer (which was accepted) had upvotes. This meta ...
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Flood of incredibly basic and/or low quality Unity3D questions [duplicate]

This question for example... How to enable/disable cameras' effects programmatically? (answer .. "enabled = false") is incredibly basic; it's hard to see you could program ANYTHING in Unity if ...
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Does Stackoverflow use the tags at all to suggest/find similiar questions when typing question title

When asking a question, tags are the last fields that get populate before posting the question. I like the fact that when typing the question title, Stackoverflow suggests similar/related questions by ...
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Split up the body of the question, for struggling new users, into logical sections [duplicate]

Would it be helpful for the system to spot low rep users who're trying to use the system, and then give them multiple boxes to post it, to encourage more structure to the question? Something like: ...
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Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue! [closed]

A short time ago, we introduced the new triage queue - a place where users can quickly sort questions into various categories, where one of those categories is 'needs improvement'. Until now, we've ...
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How can new users better understand the correlation between SO guidelines and SO community imposed guidelines?

My question: How can new users better understand the correlation between SO guidelines and SO community imposed guidelines? Reason for question: Being a new user. Negative experiences that are ...
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Prevent question being asked unless the poster has made use of the Similar Questions list [duplicate]

Why don't we make more use of the Questions that may already have your answer list? How? When someone asks a question, the OP may not even bother looking at that list, or not know what to do with it. ...
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