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How to close this question

I'm not sure which close reason fits this question. Its asking about SQLDeveloper so its not for forwarding to SuperUser. Its not about database administration, so its not for DBA. Its not ...
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Make the tag FAQs more obvious and prominent [duplicate]

I recently asked this question on meta for some sort of automatic handling of "common programmer mistakes". I now realise that the sort of questions I was on about, are actually FAQ and only recently ...
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Should we fork Stack Overflow for beginning programmers? [duplicate]

A similar question was asked around the same basic idea, but the proposed implementation was seemingly disliked: Would it be a terrible idea to split SO up into a tiered platform?. This is also a ...
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A tiny barrier to entry [duplicate]

The Problem The site is struggling to maintain its identity and usefulness as it is increasingly flooded with questions (and answer) from non-programmers. Several Meta users have been working to ...

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