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How dangerous to have disputed flags? [duplicate]

Recently i received several of my flags back as disputed. Wanted to ask if it is dangerous to have disputed flags and if it's so, how many such flags might lead to a temporary ban of my privilege to ...
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Do disputed flags stay disputed for ever? [duplicate]

I have quite a few disputed flags and I would like to know what will happen with them. According to this answer, disputed flags mean that consensus was not reached. But will it ever be reached? Will ...
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How flag gets status "helpful", "disputed" or "declined"? [duplicate]

I found one similar question, but it is still not answered (What makes a flag helpful?). Yesterday I flagged this post as unclear what you're asking. Now my flag has status disputed, and question is ...
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Why was a 'not an answer' flag disputed? [duplicate]

I was reviewing this first post and flagged it as 'not an answer' as it did not appear to answer the original question. The flag appear as 'disputed' in my 'flagged posts' summary " not an answer – ...
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Is Disputed state of flags a terminal state? [duplicate]

I am not sure if this will result into a duplicate. I tried to search it in few ways prior to posting. I am wondering whether or not the disputed state of a flag is a final / terminal state of the ...
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Very Low quality Flag Disputed even question does not have enough information [duplicate]

I flagged this question as very low quality, but it was disputed. I flagged this as Low Quality because the user didn't post any code, and without seeing code, in this specific post, its hard to ...
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Declined and disputed flags [duplicate]

Who are the people declining and disputing flags? I recently flags 2 posts and 1 was disputed and the other was declined. The one that was declined is a post that was marked as duplicate and I saw ...
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How to let flaggers know that they have the wrong idea about low quality posts? [duplicate]

New as I am to reviewing low quality posts, I'm noticing a lot of the time the post is flagged because it is flat out wrong, rather than "severe format or content problems". However, my understanding ...
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What makes a flag helpful? [duplicate]

I understand that "helpful" is intended to indicate that a flag was correct or useful, but when helpful flags do not lead to moderator action it is unclear what exactly the helpful criteria are. I ...
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When is asking for a recommendation on-topic? [duplicate]

I flagged this question as off-topic on the grounds it was asking for a recommendation: Is there a term to define source control management software that makes full versions of changes, and not ...
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My flags are being marked as disputed but then question is being put on hold for the same reason [duplicate]

I've recently flagged this question as too broad. The question was put on hold for being too broad however my flag was disputed. This happened again when I flagged this question as unclear what you'...
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Why would this "off-topic" flag be disputed [duplicate]

Fisrt let me begin with "sure the question has been asked many times" and I get that, but I think each case is it's own, so still asking. So I recently flagged ( because I can't close vote yet ) this ...
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Flagging Response Inconsistency [duplicate]

I flagged this question: Notes regarding blob tracking based motion tracking [on hold] as off-topic, more precisely that it's about recommending or finding a book, tool, software library, tutorial ...
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Disputed flag on closed question for same reason [duplicate]

I have a scenario where a question has been put on hold as unclear what you're asking yet my flag was disputed even though the flag was unclear what you're asking. My question is how does this ...
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Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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Mod flagged to remove a bounty on an off-topic question, flag declined because it was handled too late

This question had a bounty added to it on February 22nd at 8:31 AM. At 17:23 the same day, I mod flagged to close the question remove the bounty. It was a widely off-topic "give me teh codez" ...
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Declined Rude/Abusive flag on nonsense post that doesn't involve keyboard-mashing

This is a question regarding a declined Rude/Abusive flag I raised against this answer (10k+) earlier today. The contents of the answer for those under 10k rep: Body must be at least 30 characters; ...
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Lots of disputed flags since yesterday

I've been going through the Triage queue for quite some time now. However, since yesterday, 11 of my flags have been marked "disputed", almost half of my total disputed flags. I do know that disputed ...
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Are raised flags during triage disputed if others disagree?

Today I performed the following triage review during which I flagged the question (being under 3,000 reputation points) as unsalvageable with the reason of opinion based. I noticed my flag was ...
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Why was this 'not an answer' flag disputed?

I was reluctant to write another "why was this disputed" question, but I really think this one is a mistake, and I'd like to understand what happened with it. I flagged this answer as NaA, but it was ...
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Wrong flag marked as helpful - improve the system

Yesterday this question was posted: How to take var out of a callback in javascript? I was with a foot out of my office when I read it and I was sure there's a duplicate related, but in the hurry of ...
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Why are these flags rejected?

Yet another one... TL;DR: Following are some examples of posts which I think should be deleted. Skip to the bottom for the question. I flagged the following answers and all where disputed: Q: how to ...
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Flagged as Too Broad and got flag disputed on a deleted question

Today when I was reviewing Triage, I saw a poor question which I think couldn't be improved or at least it should be closed until OP's edit it as the question statement was too broad to answer. So I ...
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Why was this flag disputed?

I flagged an answer on What is the use of the square brackets [] in sql statements? as not an answer. It now states that the flag was disputed. This answer has 8 upvotes and is posted by a semi-high ...
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When are flags disputed, and when are they declined by review?

Coming from this question (which I brought up because I thought a moderator had declined my flag, but was apparently declined by fellow reviewers) I've been trying to find where is it documented what ...
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VLQ flag declined, but question later deleted. Confused

Yesterday I came upon this question, Free football XML feed (Leagues, Players, Team etc.), and flagged it as an off-topic question, asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, ...
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Why was my "not an answer" flag disputed?

I read this answer: As Seb mentioned ILMERGE will do this - but one caveat is that none of the assemblies can contain unsafe code. It consists of two parts: It says that another answer already is ...
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Are these questions on topic?

Is the question on topic for Stack Overflow or should it be on Server Fault? The question speaks ...
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Why was this “off-topic” flag disputed? [duplicate]

I flagged this question as off-topic, as in my opinion it is asking for an off-site reference or resource but my flag was disputed. To improve my 'flagging' in the future, can someone tell me why it ...
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Why was this off-topic flag disputed?

I flagged the Stack Overflow post as off-topic. To me, it is just about limitations on the website tool. I looked it up ...
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