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What is the difference between declined, disputed and aged away? [duplicate]

I am not able to understand the flagging history. So when I flag a post like Very low Quality and it is declined like declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it ...
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What are the possible resolution states for a Not an Answer flag?

I correctly flagged an answer as "not an answer", but when I later checked the status of the flag, I found it was "declined" because the post was edited to be a proper answer ...
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Fixing a declined flag

My flag was declined after the edits on the question. I have been through similar question so I have clarity why my flag was declined. I understand that the declined flag can't be made helpful ...
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Should I Comment After Flagging a Post?

My understanding is that flags can be disputed depending on certain changes including edits. With that in mind, I generally won't both comment and flag the same post. I will either flag if flagging ...
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Flagged post disputed for Duplicate but marked as duplicate eventually?

I flagged a post three days back since i feel it's a duplicate of other posts which already has an answer. Here's that post, i've marked as duplicate for this already existing post which had an ...
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flagged Answer as not an answer, it was disputed and deleted

Sql Server string to date conversion I can't actually see the answer anymore because I don't have the Reputation here to see that kind of stuff. It was a thought that the OP had and posted as an ...
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Yet another question about an off-topic flag

I flagged this question as "off-topic", and my flag was declined. This is clearly a Linux-related question that has nothing to do with programming, yet, when I flagged it as "off-topic", the flag was ...
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The action I recommended was taken, but my flag is still pending

I commented on and flagged a question that was off-topic, and the poster took my advice and reposted the question in a different community. (Hooray! The system works!) Now what's itching in the back ...
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Has the review process of moderator flags been changed? [duplicate]

In three and a half years, I've had 6 flags disputed, and in the last few weeks I've had 9 flags disputed. I know it doesn't count towards me, but it still annoys me since it either means that I'm ...
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Flag disputed on "I'm having this problem too" Answer

I recently found this question about integrating the MapBox API into a iOS Swift project. I flagged this answer as NAA because it does not really attempt to answer the question, and is mostly an "I'm ...
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