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Is an edit removing a keyword from title because it's a tag acceptable? [duplicate]

Consider the edit here. It removed the keyword C# from the title because it's already mentioned as a tag. Should this edit be approved? And generally, is it better to mention the scope of the question ...
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Should language/frameworks be omitted or even removed from question titles? [duplicate]

In a question like "How do I do X in C#?" where C# is a clear tag, is it considered good or bad to duplicate it in the title? I seem to recall in the early days it was certainly frowned upon but on ...
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Tag in question title battle

I've recently bumped into "How do I set the text of a GtkTextView?" via Google, which I thought would be helpful to me, but it wasn't. (The question was about C#/GTK#, and I was looking for a C/GTK ...
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Is it acceptable to bookmark user-specific searches in order to target improvements on those users? [duplicate]

As some regular readers may know, I am a fairly committed editor on Stack Overflow. One of my main edit styles is to trim chatty/fluff material, so that (a) readers do not have to wade through ...
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Should the coding language be included in the title? [duplicate]

For example, see this question: How to add a subview that has its own UIViewController in Objective-C?. Is it generally recommended to include the language name (here Objective-C) in the title? If ...
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Encourage adding language to the forefront of the title

OK, this is to stir up some discussion over the conclusion made in The search engine seems to encourage adding language tags to titles I totally agree with the argument that search engines encourage ...
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What sorts of edits should editors make to posts, and why? [closed]

Amongst the Stack Overflow community, we have some broadly understood ideas about what constitutes a good post. We think questions should contain a MCVE and answers should contain a clear solution. ...
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Are these questions really bad enough to get ban on Stack Overflow?

First of all, I already read What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”?. Please don't forward me there again. Please help me with these negative score ...
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A plethora of tags in titles [closed]

It's gotten to the point where, today, every question in my browser window started with a tag word in the title, and then added more. I struggle to even determine what the question is and, in many ...
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Is there any way to flag a user's recent activity? [duplicate]

I've noticed a user repeatedly doing something incorrect, is there anyway to flag this user's recent activity for moderator attention? Specifically, I've noticed a user erroneously editing question ...
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