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What is the process for tag removal (burnination)?

What happens, or what should I expect, when I ask the community to remove ("burninate") a tag from the system? Is there an established process for the community to follow? Return to FAQ Index
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It's time for a new process around tag creation: Tags should be reviewed before they are created

It seems to me that there's at least one Meta question being asked around tag burnination, or retagging, daily. The reason for this is simply that the number of tags that are irrelevant, or just ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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A user created a new tag and is bulk tagging old questions

While in suggested edit review, I stumbled upon 2-3 questions that were edited only with the additional tag apiomat (for ApiOmat). It seems the tag was created today by a user that appears to be the ...
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I am a user of a MATLAB library that lacks wide documentation. Am I encouraged to create a tag on Stack Overflow?

Recently, due to my current occupation, I have been widely using the "open source" MATLAB library EIDORS. It is a quite specific library of the fields of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) and ...
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How do I write a good tag wiki? Is it okay to use/copy content published elsewhere?

On Stack Overflow, all tags have a "wiki" associated with them, which can be edited by the community. For example, when you look at questions with the c++ tag: you see the tag wiki excerpt displayed ...
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Create [illinois-nlp] and [lbjava] tags [duplicate]

We are a research group at University of Illinois and have several tools available for NLP tasks. We get a good amount of traffic on our mailing list, and we would like to expand to Stack Overflow ...
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What to do about tag that appears to be nothing more than astroturfing?

Tag in question: faveod. It has one question with one answer, both by the same user. The entire content of the tag's wiki is contributed by this same user and mostly consists of copypasta of the ...
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This tag is going out of [styles]

I just saw this Should we go off-[script] question. Which made me think of another tag that should also be removed which is the styles tag. It is stated in the tag wiki excerpt that it should not be ...
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What to do about [macros]?

This question was last asked about 2 years ago and it is still an issue. The wiki's both seem to have been updated, but the vast majority of people abusing this tag are new users (whom I can safely ...
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What is win32gui? Because there's the confusing [win32gui] tag

What is win32gui? Because there's the confusing win32gui tag... It calls itself "a C++ generic library for Win32 GUI programming." But there's a Python Library with the exact same name.
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Did I do something wrong in this Triage review?

I was reviewing this question and found it OK. To me it was quite clear what the user was asking and there was already a fitting answer. When looking back at the review I saw that another user marked ...
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Should tags be created for functions of APIs?

Today I was on a post for the dojo and I saw that the user editing the question also created the dojo.tojson which seems an overkill to me as it is part of the dojo framework. When I pointed it out, ...
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No need to pay [attribute]

I came upon this tag in a review: attribute and synonym attributes With a description of: The attributes tag should be used for any issues relating to a property of an object, element, or file, ...
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Create a [dkan] tag

What is DKAN? DKAN is a Drupal based open source project that makes it easier to publish Open Data. It is a complimentary offering to CKAN (another open source Open Data project that currently has a ...
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