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Tag for the EO language [duplicate]

EO is an OOP language. I want to ask a question about my code in this language, but I can't find an appropriate tag. Can there be a tag for this language?
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Could someone please create the [triembed-quercus] tag? [duplicate]

We've created a new open source project for tooling to simplify the programming of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). As part of formalizing the project open source community, I plan to direct ...
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Are tags used as meta keywords and how are they stored in the database? [duplicate]

Does Stack Overflow use tags on questions as keywords for SEO purposes and how are tags stored in the database?
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Request for a new tag for the Clarity smart contract language [duplicate]

I would like to request a new tag for the Clarity smart contract language. There is a very active and growing community developing code in this language, but it is hard to distinguish questions about ...
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Should we allow questions to be tagged [advent-of-code]?

I noticed today that questions are being edited to add advent-of-code, which to me seems to be a meta-tag that doesn't belong on Stack Overflow as it doesn't help classify the actual question (IMHO). ...
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Create the [image-js] tag (can't add it as it is similar to the [imagej] tag)

Clearly, image-js is different from imagej and should have its own new tag — image-js. Question example: How do you normalize an image (histogram stretching) using image-js and JavaScript?
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What's the best way to allow Public Q&A for a platform-specific API? A tag on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'm a developer at Agworld which is one of the main digital platforms for the agricultural industry. We have tens of API partners that write to our public API (documentation here). We want to allow ...
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Create the [io-ts] tag

io-ts is a counterpart of fp-ts, a functional data encoder/decoder library for TypeScript. It has nothing to do with the iot tag. Can this be created? I just wanted to post a question with that tag. I ...
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Is it possible to create Public Teams?

I want to use Stack Overflow as a Q&A forum for our product. It has nothing to do with coding, so it does not fit the default Stack Overflow community. I created a team, but the team is private. I ...
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This tag is going out of [styles]

I just saw this Should we go off-[script] question. Which made me think of another tag that should also be removed which is the styles tag. It is stated in the tag wiki excerpt that it should not be ...
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Who is the tag creator when it was added as an edit? [duplicate]

"Create Tags" privilege page explains that tags are created upon creating a question. How do I create a new tag? Simply enter a new tag with your question and it will be created. If I ...
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How can I apply for the creating for the new tags? [duplicate]

I know that it's required 1500 points of reputation to create the new tag. I don't have enough reputation to create the new tags, but I want to support my libraries @yamato-daiwa/es-extensions, @...
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Should incomplete tag requests be closed as duplicates?

I took a look at this question and discovered that it has been closed as a duplicate. I believe this is incorrect, and that the post should be closed as needing details and clarity. Let's see the ...
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Create the [got-npm] tag

I'd like to request a tag for the HTTP request library got. The got tag is already in use, so I'd propose [got-npm] but happy to hear better suggestions. I don't have enough reputation to create this ...
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How to handle a question regarding a third party control in another language?

Here's the question: While creating HMSegment got error: [UIView setSelectionIndicatorLocation:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance It's only tagged as Swift, but the error is obviously Objective-...
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