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No need to pay [attribute]

I came upon this tag in a review: attribute and synonym attributes With a description of: The attributes tag should be used for any issues relating to a property of an object, element, or file, ...
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How can I request to stack overflow to add new TAG for new technology? [duplicate]

I know that to add new TAG it require some high amount of reputation. But is there any other way. I have marked many time that people are not getting proper answers and question views because of tags ...
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Is there a place for Web developers in the community?

Is there a place in the community to ask questions on web development packages, components etc? Nothing seems to fit what I'm looking for (open source stores, cms techniques, Wordpress, Rapidweaver)
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How does a low-rep user ask for a new tag to be created? [duplicate]

I and many others use a tool called AnyLogic that runs on Java. The community lacks a good channel for asking questions; their current approach is to use a group on LinkedIn. I know several key people ...
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Crowfunding for reputation: teaming up to create a new tag

To create a tag on Stack Overflow, one needs 1500 reputation. Some open-source communities would benefit from a Stack Overflow tag, but none of the members have this high amount of reputation. ...
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When exactly are tags created?

I was reviewing a proposed tag-wiki edit for ic-ajax and initially found the proposed edit sensible (a short description of the use of the tag). Then I got curious of the exact nature of ic-ajax. ...

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