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Is there a case to add a visio-shapesheet tag?

I would like to add a visio-shapesheet tag to SO, but does the community feel this is a good candidate?
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What is the most appropriate way for a user with lower reputation to request a new tag? [duplicate]

I spend a fair bit of time working with small projects on SO. Sometimes the project begins with a beta name and that name changes once a release candidate is finalized. I feel that product name ...
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How can I create a new StackOverflow tag without first posting? [duplicate]

Is there a way to create a new tag before posting a question that uses that tag? I was trying to setup an IFTTT recipe for a non-existent tag so that I can receive any questions marked with that tag ...
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Is it appropriate to start an eV+ tag and ask questions about eV+ on SO [duplicate]

There is a coding language specific to Adept Robotics called eV+. Since it is a form of programing (although specific to a ...
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What to do with a question that's been asked in order to create a tag for a new synonym?

I follow the knockout.js tag, and noticed this new question that has been asked solely to create a new tag (ko) that the OP noticed wasn't present in the system, which they'd then like to make a ...
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Proposing new tag: oracle-ords [duplicate]

How would I go ahead and propose this? The thing is that Oracle has split the development cycle of Oracle APEX and Apex Listener. During the split they renamed APEX Listener to Oracle Rest Data ...
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Missing tags for libreoffice

Currently there is no tag for libreoffice-writer but there are tags for pretty much every thing else. I would like to propose that not only is a libreoffice-writer tag created but also the tag ...
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Can I ask a question about a library that does not have a tag?

I would like to ask a question on Stack Overflow about an open source library that does not have a tag. The library is mostly commented in Chinese, but its variables, methods, and class names are all ...
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I'd like to introduce new tag [ko] and make it a synonym for [knockout.js] [duplicate]

This question has no other purpose than to satisfy SO's requirements for creating a new tag. I was actually surprised to find that there is no ko tag in the system yet, so I couldn't suggest it as a ...
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Tag creation request: "windows-uwp" for Universal Windows Platform apps

As I don't have enought privileges to do so, I'm asking this question. Microsoft Windows 10 introduce the new Universal Windows Platform. This is a good time to use a new tag to specify xaml request ...
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tag creation to distinguish between 2 kinds of virtual machines

As a programmer interested by some fundamental notions, I have subscribed to the virtual-machine tag to get the questions concerning the implementation of virtual machines (like the JVM, self-made VMs ...
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When does a product become eligible to get its own tag + other related tag lifecycle questions

Right now, this is a hypothetical question, but I'm asking it because I may soon be in a position where it would become a reality and I don't really feel like doing the wrong thing. Consider this ...
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Did I do something wrong in this Triage review?

I was reviewing this question and found it OK. To me it was quite clear what the user was asking and there was already a fitting answer. When looking back at the review I saw that another user marked ...
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Need help creating tags for 3D Robotics APIs [duplicate]

At 3D Robotics, we released a set of API's to build apps for drones last week and we want to use Stack Overflow to direct support questions. We would like to have some tags created since no one on the ...
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Editing tags in a question if tag needs more reputation? [duplicate]

Let's say I'm editing a question of a user with 200.000k reputation. Probably he can tag some specific tags that needs more reputation. For example if I want to put 'hey' tag in my question it says ...

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