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Create a new tag l10ns [duplicate]

I'm the author of L10ns It's a tool for handlings internationalization for JavaScript applications. I'm wondering if you could create a tag l10ns, to tag specific questions to my ...
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The tag "coding-style" has a DO-NOT-USE hint, but how to tag questions about style guide tools?

The coding-style tag has a DO-NOT-USE hint, but how should one tag a question about style guide or style enforcement tools? My question asks about McCabe complexity test and and how to ...
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Create a new tag for [qlalr] [duplicate]

QLALR is a parser generator designed for and shiped with the Qt framework. Because there is almost no documentation for that tool I would like to add some to "Stackoverflow Documentation". This is ...
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Is there another way to get a tag on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have am a contributor on an open source project called VOLTTRON. I would like to be able to have users tag questions with that name. Is there a way to do this without having 1500 reputation points ...
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Please create tag 'techfolios' [duplicate]

I have just released a new open source system for technical portfolios: Could someone with sufficient authority please create the tag 'techfolios' so that I can use ...
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Add jquery-lastest tag, include jQuery lastest version at

From Can I pass Promises to jQuery.when(), or only Deferreds?: Until 3.0 is really released, you can assume jquery-tagged questions not to use it (and the jQuery docs not to cover it). And even ...
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Is there a case to add a visio-shapesheet tag?

I would like to add a visio-shapesheet tag to SO, but does the community feel this is a good candidate?
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Want a new tag : `typings`

Typings : is now the official way to get TypeScript definitions (previous tool tsd has been deprecated I tried ...
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Can we add tags? [duplicate]

I want one tags that is not present as a tag and want to see there. Who added tags, can we add tags? if yes, then how we can?
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Should I create a new tag for an SDK mentioned in a small number of questions? [duplicate]

There's currently 4 questions regarding the OctaneSDK, a library created by Impinj for the purpose of interfacing with their RFID equipment. This isn't a lot, but I would think that it's still a valid ...
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What is the most appropriate way for a user with lower reputation to request a new tag? [duplicate]

I spend a fair bit of time working with small projects on SO. Sometimes the project begins with a beta name and that name changes once a release candidate is finalized. I feel that product name ...
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How can I create a new StackOverflow tag without first posting? [duplicate]

Is there a way to create a new tag before posting a question that uses that tag? I was trying to setup an IFTTT recipe for a non-existent tag so that I can receive any questions marked with that tag ...
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Is it appropriate to start an eV+ tag and ask questions about eV+ on SO [duplicate]

There is a coding language specific to Adept Robotics called eV+. Since it is a form of programing (although specific to a ...
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What to do with a question that's been asked in order to create a tag for a new synonym?

I follow the knockout.js tag, and noticed this new question that has been asked solely to create a new tag (ko) that the OP noticed wasn't present in the system, which they'd then like to make a ...
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Proposing new tag: oracle-ords [duplicate]

How would I go ahead and propose this? The thing is that Oracle has split the development cycle of Oracle APEX and Apex Listener. During the split they renamed APEX Listener to Oracle Rest Data ...

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