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How to add a nonexistent tag synonym

I was at a talk yesterday where the speaker said: "Use the [h2o] tag on Stack Overflow. Be careful, we've had people use h20 (h-two-zero) by mistake and not find anything." So, I thought I'd add ...
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Create new tag [netflix-conductor]

I would like to create a new tag netflix-conductor for questions regarding the Netflix Conductor project. According to its documentation, Netflix Conductor is: An orchestration engine that runs in ...
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Zappa tag with wrong use

There are a lots of questions tagged with the zappa tag that are incorrectly tagged. Most of the questions refer to AWS lambda functions and Python, and they are also are tagged with zappa. This zappa ...
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New tag for the Micronaut Framework [duplicate]

Please create a tag for the "micronaut framework" ( - suggested tag: micronaut with a synonyme of micronautfw. Thank you.
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Can we create a tag for Rasa Core?

There is already a label for "Rasa-NLU", but they have extended their support with artificial intelligence and also created the "Rasa Core" project. I think it would be very interesting to have a Rasa ...
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Creating a [tag] for a new API made by me

Is it okay to create a new tag for a social networking website made by me, to tag all questions related to its developer tools like embedding, APIs, etc.?
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Is it OK to add tags for little used commercial software? [duplicate]

I want to ask a question about wyBuild, so I did a search and discovered there are no tags for it. There are 14 existing questions with "wyBuild" that could potentially be tagged, and 7 questions with ...
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Request for new tag / tag update - [gtag] for google's new version of google-analytics

Google Analytics is transitioning to "gtag", and right now there isn't a tag specifically for this new implementation and naming convention. Since there are already numerous posts asking for help with ...
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My first new tag, what's next?

I've recently made my first new tag! This tag is raintpl, created by this question on Stack Overflow. I was curious about the implications of this. Like I said, I've never made a tag before. I wasn't ...
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Request of an "Atoum" tag

Atoum is a PHP test framework (An alternative to PHPUnit) that is getting popular. A tag for atoum related posts would be greatly appreciated to better identify these posts, just like phpunit's tag ...
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Inexistent tags [duplicate]

I was asking a question, and I needed specific tags which doesn't exist, these tags are: httpservletrequest and httpservletresponse. How can I add these tags to SO?
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Requesting a new tag in SO [duplicate]

We are considering SO as one of the main channels for Q&A for SAP cloud-s4sdk-pipeline-lib which is aimed at providing reusable pipeline as a code library. Since this is a new topic and we cannot ...
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Add a link to the tag creation FAQ in the 'How to Tag' guidance

The 'How to Tag' guidance for creating new tags currently links to the front page of Meta. Is it possible to make it link to the tag creation FAQ instead? That way, users will be better informed ...
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How do I write a good tag wiki? Is it okay to use/copy content published elsewhere?

On Stack Overflow, all tags have a "wiki" associated with them, which can be edited by the community. For example, when you look at questions with the c++ tag: you see the tag wiki excerpt displayed ...
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What to do about tag that appears to be nothing more than astroturfing?

Tag in question: faveod. It has one question with one answer, both by the same user. The entire content of the tag's wiki is contributed by this same user and mostly consists of copypasta of the ...

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