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Rename tag [azure-machine-learning] to [azure-machine-learning-studio] and add [azure-machine-learning-service]

Last year Microsoft released a new cloud service called Azure Machine Learning Service. To quote Microsoft: Azure Machine Learning service is a cloud service that you use to train, deploy, automate, ...
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New tag request [gitworkflow] [duplicate]

The branching strategy the git.git project uses is called "gitworkflow". The man page is here: I'd like to create a tag on Stack Overflow for ...
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Create [billiard]

For this question here, Python Multiprocessing: billiard vs multiprocessing, I tried to replace the wrong tag [billiards], which is about the game, with [billiard], the Python 2.7 multiprocessing-fork....
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How to set Serenity tag [duplicate]

I want to ask about Serenity framework but it is not available in tag list. Without tag I cannot track my questions. Serenity MVC Framework
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Can we repurpose the [jade] tag for the JADE community?

I recently registered on Stack Overflow in an effort to try and facilitate better discussion between developers in the JADE community. To clarify (as I know there's been confusion before), I'm ...
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Questions about WCAG 2.1: use wcag2.0 tag or create a new one?

SO currently has a wcag2.0 tag and a wcag tag. WCAG 1.0 was published in the late 1990s and is outdated. WCAG 2.0 was published in December 2008; since the publication of WCAG 2.1 in June 2018, we are ...
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A user created a new tag and is bulk tagging old questions

While in suggested edit review, I stumbled upon 2-3 questions that were edited only with the additional tag apiomat (for ApiOmat). It seems the tag was created today by a user that appears to be the ...
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Should tags be created for functions of APIs?

Today I was on a post for the dojo and I saw that the user editing the question also created the dojo.tojson which seems an overkill to me as it is part of the dojo framework. When I pointed it out, ...
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I created the [microsoft-flow] tag and want to check with the community [duplicate]

So I have asked a new question about Microsoft Flow, and specifically about using expressions in MS Flow... as there doesn't appear to be a tag specific to expressions in MS Flow, I ended up creating ...
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Requesting a safe-node-app tag

To address the topics needed to be addressed by When is it appropriate to create a tag, and how does it work? Existing questions where the tag would be appropriate So far it's just this one: How to ...
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Create a tag for questions about the Iroha project

I represent a team that works on Iroha - framework for permissioned distributed ledgers: There are questions people ask about the project on Stack Overflow and we ...
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I am a user of a MATLAB library that lacks wide documentation. Am I encouraged to create a tag on Stack Overflow?

Recently, due to my current occupation, I have been widely using the "open source" MATLAB library EIDORS. It is a quite specific library of the fields of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) and ...
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Approving synonyms for non-top tags

I suggested a tag synonym a couple of days ago for stata. However, I then realized that there are really only three (!) active users (including me) that satisfy the (overall and tag-specific) ...
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Reputation requirements for creating tags and tag synonyms

My question, I believe, is straightforward: What are the potential reasons for allowing people to create new tags when they reach the 1500 reputation threshold, but not suggesting tag synonyms until ...
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How to add a nonexistent tag synonym

I was at a talk yesterday where the speaker said: "Use the [h2o] tag on Stack Overflow. Be careful, we've had people use h20 (h-two-zero) by mistake and not find anything." So, I thought I'd add ...

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