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Should incomplete tag requests be closed as duplicates?

I took a look at this question and discovered that it has been closed as a duplicate. I believe this is incorrect, and that the post should be closed as needing details and clarity. Let's see the ...
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Tag request [got-npm]

I'd like to request a tag for the HTTP request library got. The got tag is already in use, so I'd propose [got-npm] but happy to hear better suggestions. I don't have enough reputation to create this ...
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How to handle a question regarding a third party control in another language?

Here's the question: While creating HMSegment got error: [UIView setSelectionIndicatorLocation:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance It's only tagged as Swift, but the error is obviously Objective-...
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Create the tag [postman-chaining]?

This is a formal request to create the new tag postman-chaining, using the procedure described as "you can request the creation of a tag by starting a new meta discussion" . Read on to get ...
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Etiquette of creating a tag for my own software [duplicate]

I am the author of a scientific software package, about which people occasionally ask questions on Stack Overflow. I would like to create a tag for this, so I have an easy way to get directly informed ...
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How can I create a new tag for procfwk? [duplicate]

Could you please advise how I can create a new tag to support my open source 'procfwk' code project? The popularity of the Azure based metadata driven orchestration framework for Azure Data Factory ...
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Add tag [minecraft-fabric]

I recently found out that there is no minecraft-fabric tag. Fabric is a lightweight, experimental modding toolchain for Minecraft similar to Forge. I've yet to find reliable statistics online, but ...
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Remove tag [keyless-entity]?

I spotted a relatively new tag keyless-entity. It's got 5 questions in the past 6 months. I think it should be removed but I'd like to discuss that first. Keyless Entity Types is a feature in Entity ...
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Create tag for "BIMserver"

Can someone please create a tag "bimserver" for the Opensource BIMserver? The project has grown a community of users for about a decade, is built for software developers and there are ...
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Create tag retrospectively? [duplicate]

I searched for the [rinruby] tag, but it yielded no results. So I searched for it as free text: I think it would be useful if those questions had the [...
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Can the pyclustering tag be added by someone?

Now I can't find the documentation, but if I can recall to add a tag you have to have a specific amount of reputation, which I don't probably have so I'm asking someone here to add the pyclustering ...
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Can you make your tag for your own language? [duplicate]

Yes, this question may seem like some sort of advertising, but its just so I can post questions regarding it. I work with a few others to make a programming language called BPML. If you don't know ...
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Could someone add a new datajoint tag?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Could someone add a new datajoint tag? User @MadPhysicist mentioned that I had incorrectly posted on main instead of on meta. Apologies if so, I am new ...
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Do I need to ask a new question to create a tag on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'd like to create the agda-stdlib tag to add to another question, but the only way I can see is by asking a new question. Hence this one.
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Is it a correct use of tags in Stack Overflow by creating my own for my own tutorial website?

I notice that Harvard CS50 has a tag on Stack Overflow. I then checked out this piece about any limitations on creating new tags: Privileges - Create new tags And it says that: on some sites, new ...

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