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Create [illinois-nlp] and [lbjava] tags [duplicate]

We are a research group at University of Illinois and have several tools available for NLP tasks. We get a good amount of traffic on our mailing list, and we would like to expand to Stack Overflow ...
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How to create new tags? [duplicate]

I would like to post a question for NodeOS, but I didn't find this tag. How do I create the new tags?
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Please create tag 'techfolios' [duplicate]

I have just released a new open source system for technical portfolios: Could someone with sufficient authority please create the tag 'techfolios' so that I can use ...
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Am I the creator of this tag? [duplicate]

I've updated a question posted by another user, and added a tag that has never be used. So, who is the creator of this tag? The user or me?
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Could the [remove] tag be allowed for all users? [duplicate]

I tried to make a question recently that related to removing things from a list in C#. I was able to get an answer, but I found it strange that "remove" was reserved for high rep people. I understand ...
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Please help me create a "extentreports" tag [duplicate]

About ExtentReports ExtentReports is an open-source reporting API for Java and .NET. It creates interactive HTML report of your test session. The Problem Approximately 200 questions exist on ...
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How can I request to stack overflow to add new TAG for new technology? [duplicate]

I know that to add new TAG it require some high amount of reputation. But is there any other way. I have marked many time that people are not getting proper answers and question views because of tags ...
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Can you make your tag for your own language? [duplicate]

Yes, this question may seem like some sort of advertising, but its just so I can post questions regarding it. I work with a few others to make a programming language called BPML. If you don't know ...
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Add SunSed tag (a new programming language) [duplicate]

I have just launched v3 of my startup:, the programmable CMS as a Service. SunSed is also the name of the language (at first I gave it the name, HTML++, but decided to go with SunSed ...
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Create a new tag l10ns [duplicate]

I'm the author of L10ns It's a tool for handlings internationalization for JavaScript applications. I'm wondering if you could create a tag l10ns, to tag specific questions to my ...
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What is the most appropriate way for a user with lower reputation to request a new tag? [duplicate]

I spend a fair bit of time working with small projects on SO. Sometimes the project begins with a beta name and that name changes once a release candidate is finalized. I feel that product name ...
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Do I need to ask a new question to create a tag on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'd like to create the agda-stdlib tag to add to another question, but the only way I can see is by asking a new question. Hence this one.
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I'd like to introduce new tag [ko] and make it a synonym for [knockout.js] [duplicate]

This question has no other purpose than to satisfy SO's requirements for creating a new tag. I was actually surprised to find that there is no ko tag in the system yet, so I couldn't suggest it as a ...
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Are tags used as meta keywords and how are they stored in the database? [duplicate]

Does Stack Overflow use tags on questions as keywords for SEO purposes and how are tags stored in the database?
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Please allow creation of the [jsreports] tag [duplicate]

For the jsreports JavaScript reporting library, the developers indicate here that they will monitor questions on Stack Overflow that are tagged with jsreports. But since the tag jsreport (singular) ...
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