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Should I flag a question as duplicate if it has received better answers?

Should I flag a question as a duplicate if it has already received better answer(s) than the original question? If I do flag the duplicate, people are/may be more likely to visit the original ...
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Old question marked as duplicate of a new question [duplicate]

This question: Does Java's foreach loop preserve order?, was asked today. Then i saw that another question which is 6 years old and has several upvotes and good answers was marked as a duplicate of ...
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Why the older question considered as the duplicate? [duplicate]

I just see this post that created only today and this older post that created a year ago. The older is marked as duplicate with a link going to the newer post. Why it is considered as duplicate even ...
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Shouldn't the *later* question be marked "duplicate"? [duplicate]

This question was marked duplicate about an hour ago: execute a bash command on a list of files on stdin and redirect the stdout to related files Observe that this question is from 2012, and the one ...
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Which question is the duplicate? [duplicate]

I'm sure I should've dug in more here at Meta to find some guidance, assurely this is a conversation that has been had frequently, but I cannot spare too much time and don't want it to go un-resolved. ...
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Which question to be marked as duplicate? [duplicate]

I recently had a question of mine marked as a duplicate: How to force @media print for automated test?. I was surprised because I try to avoid that kind of thing. Upon further investigation, I'm ...
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Should I move my answer to a new duplicate?

I answered this question yesterday: Although not the best question, and could ...
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What should we do with duplicate questions that return high in search results?

It looks like when a question is flagged "duplicate", nobody can add new answers to it, which creates a problem with outdated answers, especially if the duplicate ranks higher in search results than ...
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Newer, better question marked as a duplicate instead of the old one [closed]

After reading this and this (I also checked if my current question was a duplicate, but as it is a specific case, I am not sure. Feel free to close if it is a duplicate.), the conclusion is that we ...
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Duplicate questions which are in the same quality, but only the newer one is protected [duplicate]

Please see these duplicate questions. The older one has asked in 2009-08-21. The newer one has asked in 2011-02-23. The Stack Overflow Community has managed to protect the newer question but not the ...
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Which question should be marked as a duplicate?

In searching for something else I came across this question which is virtually the same as another question I answered awhile back. I know from this meta answer that I should mark the one that has ...
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Not-a-dupe flag rejected by moderator for "lack of evidence"

I flagged this question as not-a-dupe after it was marked as a duplicate of this one. Here's the excerpt in my flag history: If this is a duplicate, it is certainly the more general of the two. The ...
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On which of recent duplicate questions should I answer? [duplicate]

Over the last days, there were at least three questions about the same problem: Maxima counting Number of contiguous subarrays in which element of array is max Frequency of each element of an array ...
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