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What are the limits for self-answers? When are they (not) acceptable?

I just asked this question. It's a fake question used as an umbrella for a long answer where I tried to collect many common issues about Unicode text management and globalization stuff. In my ...
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Creating a C FAQ tag

We have a special tag c++-faq which stands out as a special case on SO. It is a list of canonical duplicates and reference material, high-quality questions. The existence of this tag has been debated ...
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How to handle edits you think shouldn't have been made

I recently came across a question in which a user had gone through and edited the question and all the answers heavily. I think it was done with good intentions to make things clearer and cleaner, but ...
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Are [*-faq] tags good?

Why do we have c++-faq and r-faq? Are they a good thing? To me these seem like they could be abused and feel meta. Could this be a feature improvement to have the community nominate questions as a ...
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Should I really not try to make artificial "signpost duplicates"?

Today I attempted this project: Why did I get a "SyntaxError: cannot assign to function call"? I am an SME, so of course I do not have such a problem myself. There are over a hundred ...
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What should we do about the [c++-faq] tag and its questionable uses?

Disclaimer: this issue was somewhat raised before in How to handle mistagging with *-faq tags, but got very little interaction and didn't explore the subject deeply. I don't have enough expertise in ...
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Why do we have many [xxx-faq] tags instead of single [faq] tag?

Recently on Russian Stackoverflow we had a discussion whether we should have the single faq tag or many dedicated tags like python-faq. Since SO has much more experience with tagging - we decided to ...
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I have super powers, now what? (or how to find good duplicates)

How do I compare strings in Java? has been used as a duplicate for 1,428 questions. That probably indicates that it is a good canonical answer to a very common problem. Now that I can close questions ...
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Could we have a [google-apps-script-faq] tag similar to [c++-faq] and [r-faq]?

While google-apps-script (48,583 questions) is far away from c++ (777,911 questions) and r (465,878 questions) (just two examples found in Similar questions suggestions from Meta Ask a question page) ...
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YAFQ - Yet another FAQ Question - Setting up a topic based FAQ?

So there have been a number of questions about adding a FAQ feature to SO. For instance: Setting up a FAQ for the C++ tag There are a lot of good arguments there, and I don't want to rehash them. ...
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