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Sunsetting Documentation

We will stop accepting contributions to Documentation on August 8 2017 On behalf of everyone who worked on Documentation, I want to thank all 15,451 users who contributed. We particularly want to ...
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Can we make this meta site work for mentoring?

In July 2014 Shog9 proposed Stack Overflow Academy on Area 51. I was skeptical and thought it was sort of a joke. The idea that anyone would go to yet another Q&A site in order to ask a question ...
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Should we be teaching people to think for themselves?

Use xquery to read attributes and values starts: I've searched and searched but none of the solutions are specific enough to me So we've got someone here who is trying to do programming the way ...
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Rule proposal: Duplicate closure to roll-up questions is no longer allowed

There is a long-festering problem in some tags where some questions are closed by dupehammers, using a single roll-up question as the duplicate target. A "roll-up" question is defined here ...
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Should "Give me a regex that does X" questions be closed?

For example, today I saw yet another such question - Check if a string contains at least 10 digits, 12 uppercase letter and 20 lowercase letter. This is not the first one I'm seeing, either. Should ...
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What does this regex mean? It means the question is "too localized"!

See this question and all the others that get posted like it! The regex in question is not even a valid regex! Questions like this really are "too localized" as they will NEVER help anyone ...
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Let's not strive to make all canonical questions a pain to make

I've noticed a rather disturbing trend revolving around canonical questions. It seems as though many people tend to think that canonical questions should be community wiki, that they should not award ...
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Why is this regex question locked?

I don't think I've ever seen a "locked" question? Why is this locked? Regex lookahead, lookbehind and atomic groups Additionally, I'd like it unlocked. Any way to unlock it?
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Should I really not try to make artificial "signpost duplicates"?

Today I attempted this project: Why did I get a "SyntaxError: cannot assign to function call"? I am an SME, so of course I do not have such a problem myself. There are over a hundred ...
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Redefine what we mean by a duplicate

At present we say that a question must be an exact duplicate of another question to be closed as a duplicate. What about saying that any question that would not need to be asked if all answers to ...
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Organizing Python questions and meanings of 'dot-notation', as applied to Python

The term 'dot-notation' as used in Python seems to be used for two groups of meanings in Python: 1) most are JavaScript/JSON-inspired coding practices (e.g. expectations that nested object or dict ...
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Is it possible to salvage a closed off-topic question about resources?

From how I understand it, SO discourages questions about resources (books etc.) on learning how to program in a specific field or for a specific topic. I asked a particular question which ...
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Error when trying to edit a post with zero changes

I'm getting an error when trying to edit this post: Even if I make zero changes, when I click "Save Edits" the page scrolls up to the text box and throws the ...
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Close as duplicate of tag wiki

In "Regex reference and its fate", a reference question for the regex was proposed. Several people noted that a resource like this should really be in the tag wiki. However, questions cannot be ...
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Custom Stack Exchange category for very business specific requests

I checked out these Meta's before: Is there a less restrictive Stack Exchange site specially suited for not too specific questions? and Regex reference and its fate. I was going through the regex ...
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