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Clean [fabric] (98% Python, 2% Android)

In two of my latest reviewed edits, the fabric tag was removed from the post, as the context was Android. The current Stack Overflow fabric tag refers to a Python library, but there is also a build ...
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Deleting java tag from questions tagged android+java

While reviewing Suggested Edits I noticed this user deleting the java tag from many questions tagged android and java, with the edit message including "android != java". For example, this question. ...
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The Three.js tag has really bad questions

The distribution of three.js tagged question is something like this: 1 x super clear, graphics / WebGL / GLSL / JavaScript related question for the library, that makes sense, is properly formatted ...
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Why is the quality of Questions/Answers so low for some tags?

Some tags like android or javascript are full with link only answers without any answer body or any explanation at all, so why are they so common for this tags? Aren't the moderators interested in the ...
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Should signup on SO be closed for a while?

I spent a couple of hours today watching the android tag on SO. It was bad, guys. Real bad. I knew that quality on SO was dropping, but this was almost pure noise. A Meta question from last week ...
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Are Google and Stack Overflow partners? [duplicate]

I just found this. I know that Jon Skeet is working for Google and he's a big part of the community, but is there really a team working on Stack Overflow for Google?
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Why do all programming questions get asked on Stack Overflow?

Why would anyone think all languages have the same answers? I think it's absolutely brainless to combine so many languages onto one stack site, whilst the likelihood of ever receiving a precise ...
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Are there "quality statistics" per tag?

(disclaimer: sorry for the ranting like parts to follow) I am currently two upvotes away from the bronze badge for arraylist; and: boy, getting there felt hard. I can't wait for the answer there that ...
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How to deal with people that don't accept answers? [duplicate]

Lately I noticed the following on SO: Users ask questions and disappear (question isn't accepted) Users who never accept an answer or never post the solution (if they found it on their own) How can ...
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Isn't it better to be as specific as possible when asking design questions?

I lurk design-patterns and see a lot of questions of the type "Is this a good design?" and then there's an abstraction of the problem using ClassA/ClassB/Foo/Bar/etc. or animal classes Dog/Cat/etc. ...
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What areas of Stack Overflow need answering help?

I have been using Stack Overflow for at least two years, and I feel like there is not a lot of work left to do in the R and Python tags (what I know best.) Are there any tags that need more love? Or ...
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