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Top bar pending-review count is wildly out [duplicate]

For a number of days now, the top bar pending-review count has been wildy, wildly out. Now, I know caching etc. is employed here, and the count is often off by a few, but for the last few days the ...
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Do not show review alert when user reached review limit [duplicate]

Sometimes at the top of the page appears red box with a number (for example 30). When I hover into it then I see that there are 30 suggested edits pending approval. The idea of this box is clear to me....
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Don't show me a review indicator in the top nav bar if I can't review [duplicate]

A number of times, there's been a little orange badge type indicator that's popped up on the top nav bar between my rep count and the 'review' button. It has been linked to the suggested edits queue ...
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Remove orange counter when I can't review [duplicate]

Just a minor feature request - when I've already exhausted my reviews for the day, I'd prefer the orange "~x suggested edits pending approval" -thing to not appear until I can review again. This way I ...
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New navigation - what is the number on review queue [duplicate]

What is this number on the review queue? This could well have been there before and I've just not noticed, but as it's beside the other notifications now it seems more obvious. What does this number ...
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Counting of review are wrong on header and on page [duplicate]

Here is a screenshot: As the above screenshot you can see that the number of awaiting post that require review shows in the orange box and the number of Suggested edit, both are different. But before ...
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Top Navigation Update

Update: The new top navigation is now live. Please continue to post feature requests and bug reports as new posts and tag top-bar. We’ve opened up the new Top Nav to our power users for testing and ...
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Help test the new Top Nav: phase 3 testing runs this week

We’ve completed two rounds of A/B tests and we’re ready for phase 3, a final round of testing before we release the new site wide navigation to all users on Stack Overflow (English) and MSO. If you’d ...
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Please change the review icon back to a text link

It's become pretty clear by now that, whatever the other merits of the top-bar redesign, it has been a disaster for review: As a result, Triage isn't able to handle VLQ flags on questions, Low ...
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Is the top bar redesign the sole cause of the suggested edit slowdown?

There have been a number of complaints on Meta recently about the suggested edit queue being at its cap. This is getting to the point where moderators are now fielding multiple flags a day from people ...
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The new review icon isn't an improvement

TylerH mentioned here that he likes the new review icon (currently in A/B testing): That icon is the same, isn't it? For pity's sake, can we replace that icon or just add some text? Now it has a ...
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Has the top bar redesign met its goals?

Back in November 2016, the first announcement of the new top bar was posted. Since then, there have been a few rounds of testing, before it was officially released on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack ...
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Review page does not work as before

I do not seem to be able to get to the review tab right now. I am always getting the error below when clicking on the review button. Does it work for others? What am I doing wrong? We apologize for ...
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When does the review button light up and when does it not?

Sometimes when I browse through SO and notices that the review button lights up in orange: Then I go to another page and it does not light up: Other times when I go to another page, it stays at the ...
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Tag pages and review pages not loading properly

Is it just me or are the individual tag pages and review pages taking a long time to load, and then failing to load altogether? These don't work: javascript c# And this doesn't work: https://...
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A brief history of the review queue indicator and the efficacy of recent changes

Lately, we've been making adjustments to how the review queue indicator works. Sometimes when we work on some esoteric feature for a long time, we start to lose track of the ultimate goal. In this ...
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Should the "Review Queues" count in the top bar show just suggested edits?

Since the "Review Queues" button has been fixed to link to the Review page instead of the suggested edits queue, I don't think it makes sense for the number to show just the number of items in the ...
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Show review queue counts according to current filters of the user

At the moment review queues show (fuzzied?) total number of items in the queue. Instead, the number of review items filtered by users current filter should be shown. This mostly affects Close Votes, ...
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Review button lose highlight after clicking anywhere on the page

If the review button is "highlighted" according to this, it shouldn't lose the orange-y color unless I click it or do some review. Well, it lose the _highlighted-reviews class every time I click ...
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Provide notification when there are items in review queue

I am relatively new to SO (<10 months and about 500 reputation points) so it is no surprise that I am still in the getting-used-to-the-site stage. I am fascinated with the idea that everyone here ...
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