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Where can I ask questions that don't fit or are off-topic for Stack Overflow?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities! But have you looked at the Stack Overflow Help Center? Even though we get a lot of IT/network/computer/technical questions here, Stack Overflow is meant ...
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How to find out if a question might lead to lengthy discussions instead of answers [duplicate]

Please be kind; I yet try to understand the culture of this site. I have been coding for 40 years now. I don't think anybody can say I am avoiding my own solutions, but my experience tells to avoid ...
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Good answer, bad for Stack Overflow [duplicate]

There is this question asking for a description and comparison of various Python tools (<10k screenshot). This does not seem like an appropriate question for Stack Overflow. But the answer is ...
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Can I ask a question before I screw up? [duplicate]

Back to programming after a 10+ year hiatus. One of the great changes is Stack Overflow. QUESTION: When architecting, I can often think of three or four ways to do something. I can try each one and ...
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Looking to share my experience in Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I am working on my own fun project and I would like to share my thoughts, intentions and experiences on Stack Overflow. The parts of my project I'd like to post about focus on RabbitMQ, Websockets and ...
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Why not move off-topic questions instead of closing? [duplicate]

It seems there must be hundreds of questions closed as off-topic. For example: Python - PYTHONPATH in linux Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow ...
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How to handle "too broad", but interesting questions? [duplicate]

I found this question today. In the current state, the question is too broad, at least in my opinion (there is no easy way to detect if something is acting malicious or not). However I think that this ...
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Where the heck do you ask certain questions? [duplicate]

It seems like half the times I have a serious question that I need an answer to it gets down-voted. So obviously people feel these questions shouldn't be there. Other times I get an answer and it gets ...
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Why cannot opinion-based questions be answered or implemented here? [duplicate]

We can treat them in a lot of ways. Suggestion: (Skip to save brain power) the OP will choose whether the question is opinion-based or not at the start. When the OP chooses that it is opinion-based, ...
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Using Stack Overflow to learn a programming language [duplicate]

Learning a programming language may sometime require extensive understanding of the various paradigms and theories, but for a newbie a single book or documentation is so overwhelming that it is easy ...
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May I ask for tips? [duplicate]

I have a piece of JavaScript code I want to ask advice on. I want to know if I may post a question on the main site, asking for tips on a piece of code I have written. I don't want the answer, just ...
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Why can we not post asking for resources for learning on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

So I asked this question on Stack Overflow asking for some resources to start learning Retrofit. I had a feeling I was going to get some negative responses saying that this is not a specific ...
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Where can I post opinionated questions? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow isn't the place to ask opinionated programming questions. It appears that programmers.stackexchange isn't the right place either. If I have an opinion based question related to ...
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Is there a Stack Exchange website for ethical hacking? [duplicate]

I am very excited to learn Ethical Hacking. Is there any Stack Exchange website or any other website were likely minded people share there experience and I learn from them and share my ideas too?
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Where do I ask how to learn to do X? [duplicate]

Frequently I find myself wondering how to learn to do something that doesn't seem to fall into any obvious category. To be clear, I am not asking for the best way to learn it, or for a book/off-site ...
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